iPhone 6 with internal fuel cell prototype

apple-490485_1280The British company Intelligent Energy has developed claims to a fuel cell, which is so small that it fits in the iPhone 6 and its battery can charge. The British Telegraph could see the prototype at Intelligent Energy in Lough borough, as the newspaper reported. Accordingly, the fuel cell is supplied via an unusual opening with a hydrogen supplier: The researchers built the headphone jack and use this as a filler neck. Small vents for the escaping water vapor were incorporated into the housing.

Photos from the fuel cell or the converted iPhone does not exist however. How closely the company cooperates with Apple, is not provable. Corresponding questions of Telegraph did not answer the manager of the company.

Intelligent Energy originated from a spin-off of Lough Borough University, holds numerous patents for proton exchange membrane fuel cells and larger models sold for industrial use.

Pricing for the cartridge runs

Later, the tank is to be offered as a disposable component, for example, to charge a smartphone via USB. The cartridges can be refilled at some bases in the UK again for the equivalent of around 8.50 euros. The Upp charger itself is offered for around 210 euros.

Exactly when smartphones with fuel cells will come on the market, is not known. The CFO of the company, Mark Lawson-Statham, informed that this would be the case in a few years. At present one is in pricing for the cartridges. This should not cost more than about four to five euros apparently. That would, however, much more expensive than the loading of a smartphone from the AC outlet.

When Kraftwerk said mobile fuel cell model of eZelleron from Dresden a battery and a gas tank in a handy housing were built. The company eZelleron is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute. The hydrogen comes from normal lighter gas (butane), which is transferred to the tank of the unit. The fueling operation is carried out as with a gas lighter within a few seconds. Who can go buy lighter gas, the additional power supply guarantees.