iPhone 7 without glasses

Apple would work on a 3D display without glasses for the iPhone 7

without glasses for the iPhone 7
without glasses for the iPhone 7

Apple could be working on 3D technology for the future iPhone


The 3D technology could arrive with the future new Apple iPhone 7, thanks to the discovery of a new patent.


There are many rumors that arise about new patents and this is one more must be added to the list.


3D technology without glasses


Apparently Apple could be working on the possibility of including 3D technology on the screens of future models of iPhone, without the use of glasses.

3D technology working apple iPhone July 2


According to a report from Taiwan Wednesday, they allege that the apple company has partnered with the supplier TPK to develop this technology. In addition, TPK is in the process of lifting up to 3 billion of new capital to preserve orders for the next Apple.


The Cupertino company could be working on a new ecosystem of 3D hardware and software, but current technology touch screen using iPhone 6 cells would not be suitable for use with the 3D display. Therefore, I would be working on developing a new technology for screens and could implement 3D display without using glasses.


Apple research is the order of the day

without glasses for the iPhone 7
without glasses for the iPhone 7

It is not the first time the company Apple investigates 3D technology. It did in the past, patents two control schemes, one based on proximity and another in advanced holographic techniques.


In addition the company has bought PrimeSense, an Israeli manufacturer, effective for the first-generation 3D sensors, that were perform in the Kinect  of Microsoft, which used the Xbox 360 console acquired the company for $ 345 million last year, which it makes it palpable that is developing the technology.


3D technology working apple iPhone March 7


In addition, TPK has been commissioned to provide long Apple touch modules and is believed to be the main supplier of such parts for the iPhone and iPad. In addition, it is also rumored to be in charge of making modules “silver nanowires” for Apple Watch, although this has not yet been confirmed. As we have known through AppleInsider.


Other patented technologies


In other cases, the Cupertino company has also patented a wireless charging system, which would not require that the device was in contact with the charging station. Although so far we have not seen this technology applied in any of their devices.


3D technology working apple iPhone 4 July


Another technology which has obtained a patent is flexible displays, with functionality to perform actions depending on the pressure with which the screen is touched. Futuristic technology, we could see implemented sometime in the future iPad or iPhone.


And you do you think Do you think we will see a screen with 3D technology on an iPhone or iPad someday? What patent which have appointed think is more likely to come true? Leave your thoughts in the comments and if you happen to other applicable technology, feel free to comment as well.


By: EsamPim