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iPhone Battery Problems


Don’t Settle For a Terrible Battery!

If you bought or were given an iPhone 4S or have recently upgraded your iPhone to Apple’s iOS5 software that was released last fall, you might observed some iPhone battery problems. Like you, many owners did and flooded the Apple forums to criticize and object to the unreasonably short battery life. The good news is Apple heard the complaint and has a solution.

Apple’s Response To iPhone Battery Problems

First of all, Apple is pointing out that there are two terms involved that the consumer needs to understand. “Battery life” means the total period your iPhone will maintain its charge before it will need recharging. “Battery lifespan” means the total overall time your iPhones battery can be recharged before it must be exchanged. It is important to distinguish between the two when considering your iPhone battery problems.

The problems most users of the iPhone are encountering is with “Battery life” and the company has released a iOS5.0.1 update to deal with this issue. Customers have reported that the iOS5.0.1 update has been a significant improvement to their iPhone battery problems and they can now go through their usual routine full calling and app use while maintaining an adequate battery charge. If you need to update your own iPhone, then be sure to get the software update sou can get the iOS5.0.1.

Optimization to Decrease iPhone Battery Problems

There are some things all users should do anyway if they’re trying to avoid having iPhone battery problems. Most of these involve shutting off features that you don’t need or use regularly and changing these setting can improve most iPhone battery problems. Some are apparent and obvious, but a few are not, so be sure to get into your applications menu to shut down all of them that you are not using on a consistent basis.

Unless you need to know exactly where you are at all times in a regular day then shutting off “Location Services” is an instant battery saver. The iPhone GPS loves using up power, so if you shut off the app that is continually tracking your position ,the iPhone battery will maintain better. In fact, it is always a good idea to disable needless notifications.

Once you realize that with every notification your iPhone’s screen lights up, you’ll figure out that this is a superfluous use of the phone. Realistically, you probably don’t need to be notified of every time, every app has a announcement. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, or even a game like “Words With Friends,” you don’t need to know every mention. To shut this feature off, go into your iPhone’s notification settings and simply turn off the notifications for any app you don’t need.

IPhone Battery Problem Solutions for Serious Users

We know that for many users they choose the iPhone for the fact it has so many functions and due to their lifestyle, there aren’t many changes in the features they can make. Recognizing this, the best suggestion Apple has is to either buy an external battery, often found with higher end cases, or buy several of extra chargers, for your vehicles and the office. Whatever you might be encountering, these simple solutions are the best for your iPhone battery problems.

iPhone Battery Problems
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