iRobot 620 Vs 770: Comparing the 620 and 770

Roomba 620 or 770 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will be quickly comparing the somewhat basic Roomba 620 against that of the advanced Roomba 770 through giving an objective account of both (so you can see what both vacuums have to offer you specifically) and then going on to highlight the differences between the iRobot 620 and 770 — to provide you with a better sense of which Robot vacuum is best for cleaning in your house (along with an appreciation of their respective prices & ‘value for money’)

Roomba 620 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The Roomba 620 is effective in removing all types of debris, dust & dirt (incl. pet hair) due to it being integrated with the three stage cleaning system (utilizing three components: i. the AeroVac, ii. Side Brush bar and iii. counter-rotating brushes) as well as the advanced cleaner head. It is also installed with the iAdapt Responsive technology — that acts like a GPS, to map out the most efficient cleaning path for each room of your house, whilst avoiding obstacles etc. as well as the Dirt Detect Series — which identifies particularly dirty areas and goes over that section with multiple passes (basically treating to some ‘extra’ cleaning).

Battery Performance & Integrated Filters

The 650 lasts for around 120 minutes, but what is particularly unique about iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners is that if they are about to run out of power whilst half way through a job in hand — they will automatically take themselves off to their home docking station to charge up enough, so that they can carry on where they left off. Moreover, the Roomba 620 is also fitted with an AeroVac filter to prevent allergens & dust particles from being expelled into the air whilst it vacuums.

Features, Specifications & Accessories

The 620 is pretty much the entry level in the 600 series so doesn’t offer any significant features. In terms of design it takes on the usual Roomba circular shape (measuring: 13.4 by 3.6 by 13.4 inches & weighing in at around 12 lbs) and comes in white. In terms of ‘what’s in the box?‘, you get the actual robot vacuum, the docking station, cleaning tools (to help with maintenance) and an instruction manual.

Rating: 88% from over 20 reviews (sourced:

Roomba 770 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

Although the 770 uses the same advanced cleaner head it does use a more advanced version of the 3 stage cleaning system through the use of the updated AeroVac series II. Moreover, it is integrated with the iAdapt responsive technology — for it to effectively navigate & clean rooms in your house (whilst switching/adjusting the brush bar depending on the floor type being cleaned to allow for a more optimal suction). But, comes with the Dirt Detect Series II (acoustic & optical) that is more efficient at finding particularly dirty patches as well as being able to deal with it more vigorously with the ‘persistent pass’ system.

Battery Performance & Integrated Filters

As the 770 uses pretty much the same battery as the 620, it still operates for around the same length of time — approximately 2 hours and will take itself back to the home docking station to be charged. When it comes to the filter system though it is installed with dual high-efficiency particulate absorption (HEPA) filters — that captures 99.97% of allergens & dust particles (hence particularly recommended for those with breathing difficulties and allergy sufferers).

Features, Specifications & Accessories

The 770 also hosts a range of useful features such as: the two virtual walls (to help you contain the Roomba to a specific cleaning space without the need for physical barriers), a 7 day per week scheduling program system (so you can ‘set’ the 770 to vacuum whenever you want e.g. when you’re at work). a IR remote control, bin indicator (so you don’t have to second guess when the 770 is full. With regards to design it is marginally larger (dimensions: 13.9 by 3.4 by 13.9 inches) and weighs in at an extra 2 lbs (approximately 14 lbs) & comes in black. You get pretty much the same accessories as the 620, apart from you get the remote control, additional set of HEPA filters and two ‘virtual walls’.

Rating: 88% from over 400 reviews (sourced:

The Difference Between the 620 and 770

Clearly, the 770 is by far the more advanced robot vacuum offering a better cleaning performance (with the updated AeroVac series II and Dirt Detect series II), improved filtration system (with the use of Dual HEPA filters instead of a standard AeroVac one with the 620) and a whole range of additional aspects : virtual walls, remote control, scheduling program, bin indicator. Also, the 770 is slightly larger and also comes in black whereas the 620 is featured in white.

Which Robot Vacuum Should You Buy the 620 or 770?

The 770 is more expensive by around $150 or so, but with all the additional features specified above it is clear to see why. I believe if you are serious about getting a genuinely decent fully fledged robotic vacuum (that will actually save you time & won’t require you to keep topping up with an additional manual vacuum now and again), then you should go for the excellent Roomba 770. But, do let me know which model you go for and why.

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