iRobot Roomba 650 Vs 770: Comparing the Roomba 650 & 770

Roomba 650 or 770 – Which is Best for You?

This brief account will quickly compare two very popular & well regarded Roomba vacuum models; the Roomba 650 against the Roomba 770. Firstly, we will go through an overview of each Robot vacuum, so you can get a clear overview of what each does and then secondly go on to highlight the differences (& similarities) between the 650 and 770 – so you can easily identify which vacuum is best for you.

The Winner: Roomba 770

Roomba 650 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The 650 is integrated with the advanced cleaning head & 3 stage cleaning mechanism (series I) which work effectively in tandem to pick up pet hair, debris and dirt from all floor types. Moreover, the 650 has been installed with two cleaning programs i. the Dirt Detect (series I) – that acts to locate particularly dirty patches on your flooring & then the 650 will repeatedly pass over it (like you would with a regular vacuum) and ii. iAdapt Responsive technology – which acts very much like a GPS system, where the 650 maps out the most efficient cleaning path (whilst avoiding obstacles, wires & drop-offs etc.) — cleaning room by room.

Battery Performance & Integrated Filters

The run time is approximately 120 minutes for the 650, but if it is half-way through a job and is about to die on battery — the 650 will take itself away to its charging docking station to be re-charged & then carry on from where it left off (with the job in hand). The 650 also has fitted AeroVac filters to prevent allergens & dust particles from being expelled into the air whilst vacuuming.

Features, Specifications & Accessories

It also hosts a couple of additional useful features such as: the on-board 7 day a week scheduling program (so you can basically set it to vacuum round your house whilst you are at work or on holiday for instance) and a virtual wall – which basically acts like a non-physical barrier to keep the Roomba cleaning within a certain area. In terms of design, like the rest of the Roombas it takes on a circular design (dimensions: 13.4 by 3.6 by 13.4 inches) in black and weighs roughly 12 lbs. With regards to ‘what’s in the box?‘ — you obviously get the 650 robot vacuum and various brush bars, the docking station, an extra AeroVac filter as well as an instruction/manual guide.

Rating: 92% from over 300 reviews (sourced:

Roomba 770 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The Roomba 770 still uses the 3 stage cleaning system ( which is basically three independent features working in unison: i. counter rotating brushes, ii. side brush bar and iii. AeroVac) but has a more advanced AeroVac Series 2 system — this in turn allows for an even greater pick up of dirt, debris etc. The Roomba still utilizes the iAdapt Responsive technology for efficiently maneuvering around & cleaning your house, but now uses an improved Dirt Detect technology (series 2) — that finds dirtier patches on an optical & acoustic level — and which it will then perform the persistent cleaning pass (a more vigorous form of the above) over that section of flooring.

Battery Performance & Integrated Filters

The 770 does have a slightly improved run time of just over 2 hours, but works on the same basis as the 650 (in that it will return back to its docking station to be charged). The 770 is fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Absorption (HEPA) filters, which are specialized filters that are extremely effective in capturing bacteria, allergens and dust particles whilst the 770 is vacuuming (particularly recommended for those with breathing difficulties or allergies).

Features, Specifications & Accessories

Moreover, in addition to the features mentioned with the 650 — the 770 also offers a bin indicator to let you know when its full rather than having to continually second guess it & a second virtual wall too. You can also operate it via remote control as well.The 770 is similar in design — being black as well, although marginally bigger (weighing in at around 14 lbs with dimensions: 13.9 by 3.4 by 13.9 inches) and comes with the follow accessories: docking station, robot vacuum, two sets of cleaning tools, remote control, an extra set of dual HEPA filters and manual/instruction guide.

Rating: 88% from over 400 reviews (sourced:

The Difference Between the 650 and 770

The 770 is pretty much a superior machine in every aspect: producing a better overall cleaning performance with the improved AeroVac vacuum & updated Dirt Detect Series with ‘Persistent pass’. It also has more effective filters to leave a healthier air supply in your house along with a few extra additional features: the remote control, bin indicator and comes with another virtual wall. A side note being that it is slightly bigger than the 650 too.

Which Robot Vacuum Should You Buy the 650 or 770?

There is pretty much a $100 difference between the two (with the 770 being the more expensive model). For me, it depends whether you are after a machine that will supplement your cleaning (if so,go with the 660 & vacuum every now again to help it along) or after a Robotic vacuum that can pretty much do the ‘real deal’ and basically take the chore of having to vacuum every few days out of your life for good. I know, I prefer the latter so the 770 easily gets my vote. But which Roomba model will you go for and why?

Also, if you have any questions or concerns about the comparison of the 650 Vs 770, then please leave them below.