iRobot Roomba 770 Vs 880: Comparing the 770 and 880

Roomba 770 or 880 – Which is Best for You?

The following account will quickly compare two premium iRobot robot vacuum models the 770 against the 880 — through firstly providing a brief overview of each, so you can see exactly what it is they have to offer you and secondly a section highlighting the fundamental differences between the 770 and 880, in order to give you a clear overview of which model is best suited to your cleaning preferences (whilst appreciating their respective price tags).

Roomba 770 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The 770 is great at sucking up a range of dirt, debris and pet hair from all types of flooring as it utilizes both the ‘advanced cleaning head’ as well as the updated ‘three stage cleaning system‘ (with AeroVac Series II) which is basically the counter rotating brushes, side brush (for right up to the edge cleaning) and AeroVac working in unison to clean your flooring.

Furthermore, the 770 is installed with two useful cleaning software programs: the re-vamped Dirt Detect Series II that identifies particularly dirty patches on an optical & acoustic level and then will apply its ‘persistent pass’ feature (where it will go over & over it again, until its satisfied that it is clean – much like you would do with a manual vacuum cleaner).

Then secondly the iAdapt Responsive technology which allows it to figure out the most efficient cleaning path for each room in your house — getting to the hard-to-reach areas (e.g. under furniture) whilst avoiding obstacles (e.g. drop-offs).

Battery Performance & Integrated Filters

The 770 lasts for over 120 minutes run time, but if it is half way through a cleaning job and is about to run out of power — it will automatically takes itself off to the home docking station to be charged up enough to then return and carry on with the job hand. Pretty cool.

With regards to the filtration system installed, iRobot have provided the Roomba with a Dual HEPA filter system to be extremely effective in capturing allergens & dust particles — hence only expelling healthy clean air into your home.

Features, Specifications & Accessories

The 770 also hosts a range of useful features such as: the infra-red remote control, the 7 days a week schedule program (so you can set the 770 going whilst you are working), two virtual walls (for enclosing it to clean within a specific area without the need for physical barriers) and bin indicator (letting you know when its full). In terms of design it takes on the regular circular shape (dimensions: 13.9 by 3.4 by 13.9 inches & weighs in at approximately 8 lbs), coming in black.

Rating: 88% from over 450 reviews (sourced:

Roomba 880 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The major update that comes with the Roomba 800 series is the upgraded cleaning system installed where it now utilizes what they term as the Aeroforce that combines the following three components: tangle free AeroForce extractors, an Airflow accelerator and high efficiency vacuum (5 times as powerful as the 770’s) which all contributes towards the 880 being an impressive 50% more effective in picking up dirt, debris and dust (as well as pet hair) from a range of floor surfaces (as well as requiring the user to commit to less maintenance practices). For more information on the AeroForce.

The 880 does still incorporate the iAdapt responsive technology (as described in the 770 overview — where it uses the ‘escape feature’) and Dirt Detect Series II with persistent pass to clean the dirtier sections of flooring. Note, that there has also been a significant improvement in the bin storage capacity (by 60%), so it can run for even longer without you ever getting involved.

Battery Performance & Integrated Filters

Again like the 770 it lasts for over 2 hours on a single run time and will return itself the home docking station automatically to be charged. The Dual HEPA filtration system is also fitted to prevent even the smallest 0.3 micron dust particles, bacteria and allergens from being expelled into the air whilst the 880 vacuums.

Features, Specifications & Accessories

It also hosts a range of great & useful features: the two virtual lighthouses to enable room-to-room cleaning, again the 7 days a week on board scheduling program, a remote control as well as the bin indicator to let you know when it needs emptying. It again takes on the rather simplistic circular design although a fair bit bigger at 13.9 by 3.6 by 13.9 inches & weighs in at around 8.4 lbs. The Roomba also comes with a whole range of accessories as well such as the extra brush bar set, HEPA filters, instruction guide etc.

Currently only available at, hence no reviews as of yet (as it has only just been released).

The Difference Between the 770 and 880

Clearly, the major difference between the iRobot vacuums is the fact that the 880 offers a substantially better cleaning performance than the 770 due to the improved AeroForce cleaning system (that also requires less maintenance as it will get less clogged due to having no brushes) & the bigger bin capacity. There are also a few extra features such as the virtual wall lighthouses that enable the 880 to do perform room-to-room cleaning which you can’t do with the 770. Minor differences are basically that they come with a slightly different colored finish and the 880 is marginally bigger than the 780.

Note: expect this comparison article to be updated soon.

Which Robot Vacuum Should You Buy the 770 or 880?

There is quite a substantial difference in price the 880 costing around $700 and the 770 being priced around $500 — then again there is quite a substantial difference in overall cleaning performance between the two and is more of a subjective matter as to whether you think the extra $200 is worth it to get the superior cleaning machine (with a better suction system, less maintenance required, room-to-room cleaning, bigger bin capacity etc.). I think the factors mentioned above in the ‘difference section’ justify the extra $200 with all the added value that comes with the 880. Hence, I’d go with the Roomba 880. But, which Roomba will you buy and why?

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