iRobot Scooba 380 Vs 390: Comparing the Scooba 380 and 390

Scooba 380 or 390 – Which is Best for You?

This account will quickly compare two similar ‘scooba’ Robot washing machines from iRobot — 380 Vs 390 — through providing a brief overview of each, so you get a clear idea as to what each can offer you and then a concluding section pin-pointing the significant differences between them.

Scooba 380 Review

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The 380 utilizes a 4 stage cleaning system that i. preps the floor, ii. washes it, iii. scrubs it and finally iv. dries it with a squigee tool, to effectively remove dust, dirt and any grime from any hard based flooring (safe on tile, marble, hard-wood etc.) — leaving it ‘revitalized’. It will perform a thorough clean using iAdapt responsive technology, performing multiple passes over the same area whilst intelligently sensing to avoid rugs, move around furniture and go right along the edge of walls.

Battery Performance & Mopping Aspects

One full tank is enough to clean up to 425 sq. ft. but the battery power enables to actually cover an area of double that 850 square feet — hence is perfect for the larger home. The tank is filled with tap water & vinegar mixture or with the Clorox Scooba cleaning solution to get an effective clean.

Dimensions: 4.8 inches in diameter, 3.6 inches in height | Weight: 8.4 lbs

Features, Specifications & Accessories

Furthermore, it comes with two virtual walls — so you can enclose it to clean within a certain area without the need for a physical presence. With regards to ‘what’s in the box?’ you get the 380 robot, 8 oz of Clorox cleaning solution, a measuring cub, suction bulb (for the pump maintenance), scooba docking station, storage mat, the two virtual walls and an owners guide.

Rating: 56% from over reviews (sourced: | Warranty: 1 year

Scooba 390 Review

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The 390 also initiates the 4 stage cleaning program: firstly going round your floors sweeping & picking up dust, pet hair, then going on to wash your floor with the specialized solution with a powerful scrub bar and finally removing dirty water from your floor all in a single pass (this overall system has been updated however, and produces marginally better results than the 380). Moreover, it is installed with the very latest version of the iAdaptive responsive cleaning technology being able to detect potential obstacles & pit-falls whilst mapping out the most effective cleaning path for it to take.

Battery Performance & Mopping Aspects

It has an improved battery life too by about 30% which allows it to cover 450 square feet (with several passes) in a single charge. Also, they have really taken the aesthetics into consideration, giving you a color coded guide as to what to clean & maintain essentially and what not to. Making it a whole lot easier to use, than the 380 (just fill and hit the button & it will get going). Like the 380, the 390 also has the clever water management system, whereby it only ever cleans with clean water — unlike manual washers, who end up cleaning with dirty water in the end.

Dimensions: 4.8 inches in diameter, 3.6 inches in height | Weight: 8.6 lbs

Features, Specifications & Accessories

It comes with a single virtual wall as well as the battery charger, suction bulb and 4 packets of scooba hard floor cleaner and an 8 oz bottle of the natural enzyme formula.

Rating: 70% from over 100 reviews (sourced:

The Difference Between the Scooba 380 and 390

Essentially the 390 is just an update to the Scooba 380 (which has now be discontinued) — whereby they have improved the battery life (along with updates to the navigation cleaning technology) and made it a lot simpler to use & maintain.

Which Robot Washer Should You Buy the 380 or 390?

There is a significant price difference between the 380 and 390 (around $50 to $70, when looking at — but the amount of hassle that the 380 causes compared to the 390 (evidenced within reviews) & with the improved battery performance, I feel that the Scooba 390 is worth it & the robot cleaner that I’d go for.

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