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iRobot Scooba 390 Vs 450: Comparing the 390 and 450

Scooba 390 Vs 450 – Which is Best for you?

Here, we will compare two innovative Scooba ‘scrubbing’ robots, manufactured by iRobot — the Scooba 390 model against the newly released Scooba 450. Firstly, we will go through a brief overview of each (so you can see what each has to offer you specifically), then go on to highlight the differences between the 390 and 450, allowing you to assess which robot scrubber is the best for cleaning your hard floors (as well as accounting for their respective price tags & hence ‘value for money factor’).

Scooba 390 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The award-winning Scooba 390 uses a four stage cleaning process when it goes about thoroughly cleaning your hard floors. Firstly, it ‘preps’ the floor removing bits of debris etc., secondly the 390 ‘washes’ the floor using a cleaning solution (Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, Water & a Natural Enzyme formula). It then goes on to ‘scrubbing’ the floor with brush components to remove stains, grime and sticky messes and the final act is a squeegee vacuum to lift the dirty water from your flooring. It does all this in just one pass, leaving behind a spotless floor (leaving it bacteria & grime free by up to 98%).

It uses the same navigation system as the Roomba vacuums — the iAdapt Responsive technology (acting like a GPS) so it will map out the most efficient cleaning path (getting under cabinets, furniture — getting right to the edge of walls) whilst avoiding potential obstacles and pit falls.

Battery Performance & Mopping Aspects

It lasts upwards of 50 minutes in a single run — where it is claimed to offer ‘extensive coverage’ of 450 square feet which is around 3 passes for a large sized kitchen & dining area. Moreover, the clean water management system in place separates the clean water from the dirty water (being sucked back up), so unlike a standard mop that ends up washing flooring with dirty water — the 390 only uses clean water when scrubbing your floor (pretty clever).

Features, Specifications & Accessories

It also comes with virtual wall technology which basically allows you to contain the Scooba to cleaning a specific area without the need for physical barriers in place. It is also incredibly simple to use, simply hit the ‘go’ button (and if you ever get stuck there is a detailed and easy to follow manual that comes with it). Even the circular design is intuitive (dimensions 43.2 by 13.3 by 54 cm & weighs 5.98 kg) , any components that need to be cleaned are either grey or orange, simple.

Rating: 70% from over 100 reviews (sourced: amazon.com)

Scooba 450 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation SystemScooba 450

The new Scooba 450’s ‘three cycle cleaning process’ is capable of removing common household bacteria by an improved 1.3% (compared to the 390 i.e 99.3% — which may not sound like a great deal, but it is actually a significant amount when it comes to the amount of grime & bacteria that is just laid on your lfoor).

It works in a similar manner to the 390 by firstly sweeping & pre-soaking, then scrubbing and finally a squeegee finish to remove the water from your flooring. However, every aspect has been given a revamp — where iRobot.com have claimed that they have made this system ‘three times better than ever before’ also it requires practically no effort on your behalf (you don’t even need to give the floor a sweep beforehand). Basically, fill the solution tank & hit the ‘clean’ button. It again uses the ‘intelligent’ iAdapt responsive technology like the 390 does.

Battery Performance & Mopping Aspects

Again, the clean water management system is utilized, so that the 450 is only ever using clean solution water when scrubbing. Moreover, it offers you two cleaning options now: a full 40 minutes cycle (for around 300 sq ft.) & a 20 minute cycle for (150 sq ft.) as well as a choice over whether it just uses water or iRobot hard floor cleaner (for a more intense wash with the use of anti-bacterial solutions).

It also available with a DryDock station accessory (which has to be purchased separately) — which will actively dry the 450 (reducing the microbial build up) as well as charge it (taking just 3 hours from dead to full).

Features, Specifications & Accessories

Again is compatible with the virtual wall described above and still takes on the simplistic circular design, although is a fair bit larger and heavier than the 390.

Currently only available at iRobot.com.

The Difference Between the 390 and 450

As seen the main difference between the 390 and 450, is the improved cleaning system which the 450 undertakes allowing it to effectively remove an improved 99.3% of household grime from your floors. The 390 is however capable of covering a larger surface area on a single run than the 450 though. Moreover, although the Scooba 450 takes on the same circular design it is slightly larger and comes in a glossed black instead of a dark grey with the 390.

Note: expect this comparison account to be updated.

Which Mopping Robot to Buy the 390 or 450?

The difference in price between the two is about a $100 (with the 390 being priced at $500 & 450 at $600). For me the extra cash is worth it to upgrade to the 450 — given that you will get effectively a much cleaner floor & better overall finish with the 450 as well as a lot less maintenance being involved (which is required with the 390). But which scooba will you buy and why?

Also, if you have any queries or issues about the comparison of the two Scooba robots: 390 Vs 450 – then please make them below (and if you have found this article to be helpful, please do give it a share or like – will be much appreciated).

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