IronKey Secure Flashdrive Reviewed

The IronKey secure flashdrive is a marriage between convenience and security: quite different from regular thumb drives that allow anyone in possession of them access to most of their stored files, the IronKey protects your data by encrypting everything you put on the drive, making it impossible for anyone without the proper password to access your files.

The IronKey Encrypted ThumbDrive 8GB

IronKey boasts military grade encryption, that is performed at the hardware level, making it impossible for software level attacks such as worms, trojans and other viruses or malware to disrupt your data protection.

This is an especially handy drive if you are traveling with sensitive information or worry that you will lose your drive and anyone that finds your equipment will be able to access private data.

The IronKey currently retails for $108 per stick, which is about 4 to 5 times more expensive than a non-protected memory stick of similar capacity.

However, the peace of mind you can obtain by putting your sensitive materials on this secured thumb drive can, in many cases, outweigh the deep draw on your wallet.

Military contractors, people working deep in the corporate world, designers and engineers of all kinds can appreciate the necessity of keeping proprietary data secured when in transit. The IronKey offers a respectable solution for moving large files around without worrying about what will happen if your actual thumbdrive should become compromised.

The 32 Gigabyte Model of the IronKey Flash Drive

The 8GB model will provide enough storage space for most users – to give you some idea that’s enough room to store several feature length movies in addition to dozens of songs and several folders of documents.

Those in need for even more secured space can opt for the 32GB IronKey which currently retails for $260.

The fact that the IronKey secures your files at a hardware level is a signifcant improvement over those secured thumb drives and password protected flash drives that use special software to obfuscate or ‘secure’ your data.

Such software solutions are vulnerable to programs and malware designed to disrupt them and expose your private data, so they are only as strong as their designers made them.

Hardware secured data, however, is not susceptible to the same kinds of attacks, making it a slightly better solution for power users whose main concern is security – so long as you’re willing to fork over a little extra in the process.

The IronKey series of protected drives is generally well recieved by its community of users. Common complaints center around the fact that support for the drive is somewhat lacking and that ticket response time from the company itself.

However, users note that its cross-platform performance is excellent. You can rely on your new IronKey to work on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux, which is very handy for people that frequently travel between different computing environments.

In addition to its encryption, the IronKey has a couple of additional security features that seem to have been pulled straight out of a James Bond film. For one thing, the IronKey is waterproof. Secondly, the exterior metal shell is tough enough to bear your weight if you should be forgetful and keep it in your back pocket before sitting down.

Finally, the IronKey will self-destruct after ten failed login attempts – so don’t forget your master password. However, should your drive fall into the hands of someone that shouldn’t be using it, you can rest assured that they will have a pretty difficult time getting to your data, and if they should try and fail 10 times in a row, your secure drive’s self-protection mechanism will kick in and erase everything!