Is a Scrim Banner Durable Outside?

One of the best ways that someone can promote their business, a product or simply generate some buzz is to invest in a large vinyl banner sign to display outdoors. Outdoor banner displays catch the eye and help to attract more attention to whatever it is that you are advertising. Business use them, advertisers use them, even music groups use them so people in the crowd know the name of the band that is performing, generating buzz and building name recognition. However, if you’re looking for a banner to display outdoors you’re going to want a banner that is made from a strong, durable material. In most cases the best material for an outdoor banner is vinyl and there are a number of reasons why.

Types of Banners

A scrim vinyl banner is indeed quite durable outside, especially when compared to other types of banners. Poly banners are great for short term temporary displays when used outdoors. They can work fairly well for indoor use as well. The problem with poly banners is that they are likely to need replaced after only a short while meaning that if you’re planning to use it for any extended period of time you are likely to wind up very disappointed. Mesh banners are another popular type of banner sign commonly used for advertising. However, these banners are even less durable than poly banners. They tend to be quick to tear and rip, meaning they need replaced very often. This can significantly hurt your bottom line.

Longevity of Banners

An outdoor durable scrim vinyl banner is the best bet when it comes to longevity. Other types of banners, poly banners and mesh banners, simply aren’t strong enough to stand up to the abuse of the elements and the weathering process. Having to replace a poly or mesh banner on a regular basis means that you are wasting money. It’s one thing if you just want to display a banner for a short period of time but if you want a long term display you should be getting a banner made of a material that will get you the most bang for your buck. An outdoor, durable scrim vinyl banner is what you need for a long term outdoors display.

Displaying a Scrim Banner Outdoors

Once you have decided to get an outdoor, durable scrim vinyl banner you will end up being very pleased that you did. Especially if you have tried other types of banner signs before you will certainly notice that you outdoor, durable scrim vinyl banner doesn’t fade, tear or rip the way that poly and mesh banners do. In fact, you’re likely to be able to keep your scrim vinyl banner on proud display outdoors for a very long time, no matter what they weather conditions are. This makes the scrim vinyl type of banner the best for outdoor display and certainly the most cost effective. A scrim banner on display outside is sure to attract attention and generate business without needing regularly replaced.