Is Acupuncture An Efficient Treatment Against Ringing Ears?

Acupuncture has already helped many patients who suffered from ringing ears, a condition also known as tinnitus (See More at Tinnitus Management). This condition can be caused by a number of factors and it is usually difficult to determine what causes it. Acupuncture can address a number of common causes for tinnitus and eliminate or at least reduce the sensation of having ringing ears.

Tinnitus can be caused by a number of factors, including damage to the inner ear, exposure to loud noises, hearing loss, high blood pressure, irregular blood flow or certain medications. Tinnitus can be worsened by the consumption of alcohol or caffeine as well as stress.

Acupuncture is not a good option if your tinnitus is caused by damage to the inner ear, hearing loos or another similar issue. However, acupuncture sessions can reduce your stress levels and improve your blood pressure. You need to assess your stress levels and have your blood pressure taken to determine whether or not these factors could be contributing to your tinnitus.

You should look for an acupuncture specialist in your area. Contact them to let them know you suffer from tinnitus and would like to use acupuncture to reduce stress and perhaps improve your blood flow. If possible, find someone who has experience with helping patients who suffer from tinnitus.

Acupuncture yields good results on the short term but you will have to follow this treatment for a while to completely get rid of your tinnitus. Most patients feel very relaxed after an acupuncture session, which should make your tinnitus disappear for a while.

However, your tinnitus will probably return as soon as you experience stress again. You might have to go to acupuncture sessions for a few months before your tinnitus finally disappears. If acupuncture is not efficient for you, you should go see an ear, nose and throat specialist to find out whether or not your inner ear has been damaged. If you notice that your tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss, it is best to go see a specialist right away instead of trying acupuncture.
Several methods can be used by an acupuncturist to reduce stress and regular blood pressure. Most people think about needles when they think about acupuncture. Needles are commonly used, but acupuncturist can use pressure or suction cups instead. Do not let acupuncture intimidate you because you do not like needles. Mention your dislike of needles to your acupuncturist and they will find another method that works for you.

You will get better results if you combine acupuncture with other methods that can help reduce your tinnitus. You should stay away from coffee and alcohol and adopt a healthy lifestyle if your blood pressure is too high. You should also look for activities that help you relax so you can reduce your stress. Try identifying the things that trigger your tinnitus so you can avoid them.
Acupuncture has helped many people who suffered from tinnitus and it could be an efficient treatment method for you. You should give acupuncture a chance if you think your tinnitus could be caused by stress or high blood pressure.