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Is AVG PC Tuneup 2015 One of the Best PC Tuneup Programs?

AVG has a long track record of offering one of the leading and best tuneup utilities for years. Now, it has recently released the 2015 version only to please its customers with a much-improved product. This article will help you in knowing about the AVG PC Tuneup 2015. You will get to know whether the product has lived up to its legacy and continued to be one of the best tuneup utilities.

If your computer isn’t performing as smoothly as it used to when it was new, then you may blame the fragmented hard drive for this performance lag. Over the time, as you continue making extensive use of your device, its drive gets fragmented, and that hampers the performance of your computer. Not just that but over the time, junk files get accumulated in your system, and then the Windows Registry gets in disarray. All these wrongs combine and make your PC slow, sluggish and terrible to work.

That calls for PC tuneup. PC tuneup optimizes your computer. It does the cleaning by removing the unwanted junk files, registry keys, cookies, etc. Then, it defragments the drives. Once you do the PC tuneup, you will notice a remarkable improvement in the speed and performance of your system.

Doing the tune up is not a difficult task to do, because there are various best tuneup utilities that you can install on your computer and your device to perform the task. If you look for best PC tuneup software, then AVG Tuneup 2015 is sure to hit the list.

Getting Started With AVG PC TuneUp 2015

To get started with AVG PC TuneUp 2015, you just need an Internet connection because first you need to activate the license so that you receive the updates. One suite is installable on one computer only, and it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 computers. The yearly subscription for one computer is $39.95, and the additional license is available on a payment of $10.

The suite is incredibly easy to use. Once you fire up the program, you need to run a system scan. In that scan, the program will dig up defragmentation and registry problems, and various other issues as well. That will be the first line of action. Next you can start exploring the software and check out its other features.

The Cleanup Process

Each time you run the scan, the program will prompt you with the list of problems in your system. Each listed problem carries the tag of “Show Details.” You can click on that, and you will get directed to a new page where you can read about the problem in easy and layman language. If you don’t want to understand the details of the problem, then you can simply click on “Run Maintenance” button and it will clean up the mess. Once the mess gets clear, the list of problems will get eliminated.

After completing the task, you can return to the home screen and check the Optimization Potential bar. You will see that it will hit 100%. You must check this Optimization Potential bar time to time and whenever the percentage goes as low as 50, you must run the scan and do the optimization.

The Wrap

It is very imperative to have tuneup utilities in your system. And if you hunt for one of the best PC tuneup utilities, then AVG 2015 is indeed the best tuneup software in terms of price and performance. There are many other tuneup utilities available within the same price range, but AVG clean-up is quite effective comparatively. You can check the performance by downloading the trial pack from the AVG official website. You will surely notice improvement in boot-time, speed, and battery performance. The only downside of this best tuneup software is that one suite is installable on a single PC only.

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