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Is Big Beautiful? The New iPhone 6 Plus

It has been just a few weeks since Apple unveiled their latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 6. This year however you could supersize your order and buy the XL sized iPhone 6 Plus.

This was the iPhone that many people have been waiting for, for many years now. A large, almost phablet sized iPhone that could compete with the gigantic Android phones that we’ve seen for years. Samsung has been taking market share away from Apple for many years now simply because it started catering to people’s demand for larger phones with it’s Galaxy Note Series of lines.

A few years ago, the Galaxy Note was one of the few phone that had a screen larger than 4.5” but as time progressed all the major phone makers’ phones gradually started growing larger. As phones and mobile software became more powerful the demand for large displays on smartphones got larger as well. Soon, you could not buy a flagship phone that had a screen that was much smaller than 5”. Before Apple’s launch this year, it was the only top tier smartphone maker with a flagship model with a screen less than 4.5”.

All of this progress and increasing size, however, was only in the Android world. The iPhone stayed doggedly at a 3.5” screen size and it few by just half an inch as a concession to what people were yearning for.

But even a singularly insular company like Apple cannot turn a blind eye to what the market is demanding. Leaked internal documents from last year showed that the marketing department was telling the rest of the company that people wanted one thing that Apple was not providing, a large phone.

So, this year, for the first time ever, in addition to growing the iPhone 6 itself to 5”, Apple also unveiled a truly phablet sized phone. The XL sized iPhone 6 Plus. Releasing two phones in the same year is not new to Apple; they released the high end iPhone 5S last year and the slightly less high end iPhone 5C. However the 5C was simply the previous year’s model in a new plastic body. With the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, for the first time in its short history as a a cellphone maker, Apple has released two equally high end devices. Apart from the lack of optical stabilisation and a smaller screen, the iPhone 6 is every bit as powerful as the 6 Plus, so they are both as deserving of the ‘flagship phone’ moniker as each other.

Rumours were rife before the unveil that Apple would finally have to listen to the market for once if they wanted to stop losing sales to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of phones, which have been a huge success primarily due to their huge, high quality displays.

As usual these days, the phones leaked months prior to the phones actually being unveiled and smartphone case makers like DailyObjects.com already had thousands of great cases available for shipping on the day Apple unveiled big new iPhone.

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