Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

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Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?, SeekytMany people wonder if dark chocolate is good for you. It seems too good to be true that something so delicious could actually be healthy. Is dark chocolate the best tasting health food of all time? I guess that’s up to your test, but let’s take a look.

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There are certain things found in dark chocolate that seem to answer the question of whether or not dark chocolate is good for you.

Antioxidants – Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants. These are responsible for protecting your cells from damaged by free radicals and, as such, are a beneficial addition to your diet. Dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than many fruits and vegetables, so on this topic it appears to truly be a health food.

Flavaniods – Many dark chocolates contain flavaniods, which have been found in studies to improve blood flow and be very good for your heart. The more processed chocolate bars don’t offer the same benefit, and even among dark chocolate you can find different levels, so check the label.

The Cocoa Bean – Chocolate is made from a bean which comes from a plant. Unlike candy that you might associate it with because you found it in the grocery store’s candy aisle. Dark chocolate it is actually plant based. Dark chocolate has a significantly higher concentration of cocoa in it than other forms of chocolate which increases its health benefits.

Various studies on dark chocolate have shown that there may be a correlation between a diet that includes dark chocolate and lower cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, improved heart health, lower blood pressure, and it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

When introducing a food like dark chocolate into your diet you should be aware of its impact on your calorie consumption. For example, eating 9 dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses will cost you about 200 calories. If you did nothing in your diet except add this new food every day, you risk gaining weight. Be sure not to exchange fruits and vegetables for your dark chocolate fix. Instead, work it into your diet in place of something that you eat with little nutritional value to offset the calories that way.

So, is dark chocolate good for you?

The sweet answer, or semi-sweet answer if you prefer, appears to be yes.

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Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?, Seekyt
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