Is Debarking Surgery a Cruel Way to Quiet Dogs Bark?

Is Devocalization Surgery the Best Solution for Barking Dog?

Do you think surgery should be used to quiet a barking dog or do you think surgery is cruel and inhumane? Man’s best friend can be one of life’s great joys but dogs can also be a source of great irritation. They chew up furniture, shoes, and anything else that’s chewable. Dogs have also been known to dig up flowerbeds. Not to mention soiling carpets if they get a chance or if they don’t have a choice. But none of those things are as irritating as constant barking. Especially when you and your neighbors are trying to sleep. It’s true that dogs bark and some more than others. You would expect newborn pups or pups that have been separated from their mother to whine and bark. But should older dogs and those that are known to be barkers have debarking surgery to stop their barking.

Cordectomy or Devocalization Surgery

Debarking or devocalization surgery is an extreme measure to debark dogs. Surgery called vocal Cordectomy severs the dogs vocal cords to quiet the animal and requiring recovery time. A dog would most certainly suffer some post surgery pain. There’s also the risk of infection and other complications that come with surgery. Some reports say that dogs are usually left with a low “husky” bark that can be heard from about 20 meters away.

Listen to the Debarked Dogs in the Video

Is This Cruel or Is It An Animal Owners Right?

So is devocalization a dog owners right, or is it cruel and inhumane? One could argue that dog owners have the right to do whatever they want with their dog as long as it’s not illegal or immoral. After all, it’s only an animal. On the other hand, it could be argued that debarking is cruel because it takes away a dog’s natural tendency to bark. If a dogs barking is keeping it’s owner and the neighbors awake at night, doesn’t the owner have a responsibility to quiet the animal? After all, barking dogs have been the cause of many conflicts between neighbors. Which is worse, devocalization surgery for a dog or a feud with the neighbors?

Alternatives to Debarking Surgery

If your dog barks excessively and you think debarking surgery is cruel, there may be some other options available to end the problem. One of the simplest solutions is to give the animal away or sell it if you can live without your pet. Another solution is to find out why the dog is barking and see if it can be remedied without surgery. Like the pet owners that say they trained their dogs not to bark. There are also some electrical devices on the market that claim to quiet barking dogs without hurting the dogs.

Whether debarking is cruel or not some pet owners are using it to quiet their dogs. It’s a reasonably safe and effective way to quiet a dog’s bark. Most people do it because they love their dog and they don’t want to have to get rid of it. If you think about it, they spend a lot of money for devocalization surgery if they don’t have pet insurance which may or may not cover the procedure. Debarking surgery may seem cruel to some but to others it’s just a routine procedure to get some peace and quiet.