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Is Donald Trump a Con Man? Maybe

You’re probably trying to figure out whether or not Donald Trump is a con man or not? We don’t take any sides on the political debate. But there are some telling signs that he might be trying to pull the wool over on you.

What about the disabled guy?

In an informal survey of Trump supporters, more than 50% of them agreed that they also make fun of disabled people, but they would never do it to someone’s face. When Trump mocked the disabled guy, they said that he was just being “Trump” and that he was just showing that he’s a real guy. But is he real? He wants us to believe that he’s the kind of guy who makes fun of disabled people like everyone else, but maybe he’s making fun of people at the rallies so that he can mock them later. Reverse psychology, right?

What about his Dad?

According to the New York Times, he received more than $400 million in gifts from his father and was also repeatedly bailed out of very, very bad business deals over the years. Must be nice, right? Does that make him a con man? Not exactly. But if you voted for him because you thought he bootstrapped his way into being a billionaire, you got conned.

Does he have CON hands?

It’s the stuff he does with his hands. There are many well-known psychology experiments conducted that demonstrate that the human mind is very good at following patterns. There’s even one where the subject is asked to count the number of times a ball is passed between several people. The subject is so focused on the ball that s/he doesn’t even notice that there’s a person in a gorilla suit, walking through the back of the frame. A significant number of people, never see the guy in a gorilla suit.

Are Donald’s hands the proverbial “man in a gorilla suit”? Instead of watching him speak, try reading a transcript of his speech. It’s like he’s speaking a different language. For someone as smart as he claims to be, he must be doing it intentionally. But for what? Maybe so that we won’t pay attention to his words. Con men are good at using their hands. That’s why they call it “slight of hand”.

He asks you to believe him

He’s on the record, according to the Washington Post for more than 4,000 lies. We went through about 500 of them, hoping to find out that most of them were fake, but Trump really said these things. I dunno, but I’m not sure that the average person tells that many lies in such a short period of time. There’s a theory that he believes everything that he says. But that’s exactly what a con man would say, right? I mean – a good con is one where you believe that the guy is telling you the truth. That’s the ultimate con.

Is America Getting Better?

It seems like really rich people are now able to get even more really rich, but they were on track to get much richer before Trump came into office. Is that making America great? It seems that as much as he says that we’re doing better than ever before, we’re also more divided and wages aren’t really getting better and housing is getting more expensive and people are going to lose their healthcare.


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