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Is Eating Healthy Really More Expensive?


Today a friend of mine remarked on the weight I have lost, and asked me my secret for success. I replied  that my healthy diet consisted of fresh green vegetables and fruits.  Yes I was eating healthy foods and this diet enabled me to lose weight,  but were these foods more expensive?    I would say no and here’s my reasoning.

Is Eating Healthy Really More Expensive?My friend told me that when she tried to diet by eating more healthy foods but she was hungry all the time.  Know that a healthy food diet will cost more than processed food because you body needs to adjust.  But once your are past the trail period you find that normal meals are satisfying and you are buying less healthy foods.

Are you wondering why your body needs to adjust?

When you eat junk and processed foods you do eat more because these foods are loaded up with additives, chemicals, dyes, preservatives and fructose. These additives stimulate your appetite and you are always hungry.  So when you start the healthy diet you find that you are starving.   It takes about ten days to acclimate to a healthy diet.

Eating healthy costs far less than a junk or processed food diet.  I will pay $3.98 for a bag of salad mix; lettuce, spinach, cabbage and carrots. This bag of salad has four servings, I will then buy a container of cherry tomatoes for $2.98 this container has six servings.  Add on natural salad dressing 12 ounces for $2.98.   Note that my healthy foods have many servings.  Compare these healthy food costs to an frozen Lean Cuisine dinner for $4.98  that is one dinner, not four servings.

In my opinion eating healthy really is not more expensive because the foods fill you up and have no hidden chemicals that stimulate your appetite.  What do you think, is buying healthy food more expensive than  frozen processed dinners?

Is Eating Healthy Really More Expensive?
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