Is Fence Advertising At Local Sports Events A Good Idea?

Most local sports events in the summer months take place in a field surrounded by some form of chain line fencing. This fence material may be coated with a green vinyl or it may be galvanized silver metal but what is special about this fence material is that it makes an excellent place to display vinyl banners so you can set up an entire advertising campaign using fence advertising. Banner signs displayed this way can stretch literally the entire length of that chain ling fence and generally no one will charge you to hang your advertising banners on the fence.

What Do Vinyl Banners Look Like?

The different types of vinyl banners can look like a pennant shape or a rectangle which may be like a long banner. It can be made with a matte finish or the finish can be quite shiny. They are generally made form a heavy duty vinyl plastic so they look somewhat like a plastic poster, not one made from cardboard. They are flexible and the grommets at each corner and along the sides of a larger banner make it easy to display them. These are very study displays and not some flimsy paper like item. You could almost create a vinyl banner circus tent like affair that everyone would enjoy. Then put some of them along the surrounding chain link fence for unique fence advertising.

Displaying Banners On Fences

When you choose to hang your banners using the fence advertising principles you need to make sure they are secured properly. Bungee cords make excellent materials to secure the banners directly to the fencing material. You just slip the bungee end hooks through the banners metal grommets and then hook them onto the chain link fence wire. If you choose you can wrap the bungee cord through the fence wire to further secure it. Bungee cords work well because if the wind comes up they have some give in them and they will allow that banner to flex some against the wind and not rip out of its moorings.

Choosing Colors And Graphics For Fence Advertising

When you are looking at fence advertising you will want to display colorful banners that stand out against the sports teams and the background trees and other background images. Therefore you need to choose a bold background color and graphics that really pop out at the observer. This way your banner advertising can be readily seen.