A geothermal heating system is one that has taken the HVAC industry by storm and is becoming more popular than ever with home owners. The system is said to be environmentally friendly and a great way to save money on home heating costs. However, is a system really worth the time and money spent to install? To truly understand if a geothermal system will work for you, it is essential to learn more about the system and how it works in the home. Below is a small guide to geothermal systems and how they can benefit the home.

How it works
A geothermal system will use the temperature below the earth’s crust to heat and cool the home. Once you go a certain depth below the surface of the earth, you will find the temperature is consistent as it is not influenced by the surface temperature variations. The system basically uses the consistent temperature to provide a comfortable environment in the home.

A heat pump can be used with geothermal heating to extract the heat energy from the earth’s crust and place it inside the home. This can save you a ton of money on home comfort as no fuel source is used to heat the home. This also makes the unit environmentally friendly with less energy used. There are three common types of geothermal units used, the Vertical closed-loop systems, Horizontal closed-loop systems and the Open-looped systems.

With the vertical closed-loop system, you have a U-shaped pipe that will carry a fluid, which is usually water/methanol mix that will move in a continuous loop. This will allow heat by induction method. The liquid returns the surface either heated or cooled based on the current need of the home.

With the horizontal closed-loop system, you have the same method as the vertical but the pipes are laid out in a horizontal nature. This will see the piping system be laid out in a back and forth motion about 6 to 10 feet under the ground. This is a cheaper installation when compared to the vertical version.

With an open-loop system, you have ground water that is pumped from a supply well and used to inject heat into the home. Water will move from one well and moved through the heat exchange and then is injected into the second well. This is the best option for maximum thermal efficiency and installation is considered to be even less expensive for the home. However, you must have a water source for this option to be installed.

Is Geothermal Heating Cost Effective?
So now you may be wondering is this option actually cost effective. As you can see based on the types of installations, it is not cheap to install. However, in the long run, you can save a great deal of money on heating and cooling the home with this method. You will see both ecological and financial returns by choosing geothermal heating for the home.

The investment would be several thousands of dollars but you would have an option for heating the home that requires little to no maintenance and would provide an environmentally friendly source of heat in the home that uses little energy. This type of system is created to last at least 20 to 25 years before an upgrade is needed. When the unit is installed by a qualified professional, you can expect to get the most from your investment. Contact your local HVAC dealer to have your home evaluated for geothermal heating. You may find your property is the perfect candidate for this type of installation and that you can benefit greatly from geothermal heating in the home.

Author Bio:
Tess Young is an HVAC technician who lives in Lewisburg PA. She loves writing blogs on Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning topics. She started blogging as a way to share her innovative ideas with people or companies involved in the HVAC industry.

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