Is it a Good Idea to Ask Oprah For Money?

If you need financial help for any reason then you may be thinking to yourself that you should ask Oprah for money. Many people choose to take the route of asking celebrities for help with financial hardship. But is this a good idea? Many celebrities are known for helping out people in need and Oprah is one who is especially known for her philanthropic activities around the world. As such, it is quite obvious that she would be a good person to approach. In this article we take a look at your potential to get financial help from Oprah Winfrey.

Help Me I Need Money Now! Is Oprah Winfrey a Generous Celebrity?

It is quite obvious if you have seen her on the TV that Ms. Winfrey is a generous person. She has given out many gifts to her fans and she has been seen working with charities to raise money for worthy causes. She has also been seen to constantly bring in individuals and families to be on her show to tell their stories. This usually has the result of the public, businesses or Oprah herself offering to help out. She is definitely a millionaire who helps people in need!

But Isn’t She Retired? Is it Still Possible to Get Financial Help from Oprah Winfrey?

Oprah is indeed retired now and that means that she does not have people on her show anymore to share their stories. While this is sad news she is still very well known to help out people that appeal to her or that she hears about. As such, it is still very worth your while to try to contact her, especially if you are in desperate times. Oprah really wants to help people who really need money to get themselves out of poverty.

How to Get Help with Money by Asking Oprah for Money – How to Ask for Financial help from the Retired TV Queen

Even though she is officially retired it is still important that you use the official channels to try to appeal for help. This is because it can be very rude and invasive to contact a celebrity, especially one who is retired, in their home or while they are out. If you happen to see her in person you may be able to mention that you had contacted her through her official channels, but do not try to use this as an opportunity to ask for help directly.

Official Help Phone Numbers – You can find phone numbers to contact Ms. Winfrey through her website and through the network’s website. Keep in mind that you are not calling her directly, you will be put on to answering staff first and possibly a case manager later. As such, it is very important that you be polite and to the point as these people do not have an hour to spare to listen to one story. Practice your speech before calling and try to keep it under two minutes. Then practice a more detailed and longer version in case you get put through to someone higher up.

Emailing for Help – Email gives you the luxury of being able to write exactly what you want to say out and to edit it to make it perfect. However, a common mistake that people make with email is that they write it long like a letter. An email is actually more akin to a phone call then it is to a letter, even though it is in writing. This means keeping things short. You should read it aloud to yourself to make sure that it does not take more than one to two minutes to read out. Any longer and the reader simply may not have time. Make sure to use paragraphs as well, nothing is more of a deterrent than a giant wall of text that is not broken up. Your first paragraph should say who you are and why you are emailing. Your second paragraph should say the outline of your reason for needing help in as few words as possible. Your third paragraph should say how they can help and it should also thank them for their time. Remember, it is their job to sort through these emails but they are doing you a favor by deciding to pass it on to someone more important. You should treat every interaction as if you were talking to Oprah herself. If you really need money fast then you could contact other millionaire who help people in need – it’s worth a try.