Is it possible to regain the trust of my partner?

Trust is one of the fundamental pillars of a relevance. Without it, the relationship among 2 people does not advance; On the contrary, it stagnates and may even end. For this reason, it is extremely important to recognize as soon as possible if confidence is lost and act immediately.

Trust can be lost for two main reasons:

One does not enforce any agreement that has been reached with the other. Ice breaking a promise, for example, have an affair.

The other reason is the accumulation of small wounds that were not healed, which when viewed in isolation may seem insignificant, but when accumulate can cause the trust in the relationship is lost. We often think that trust can only lose something like infidelity, but in reality their everyday situations that can hurt your partner and if you do not talk and solve result in the loss of confidence.

Faced with these situations, what can we do?

When trust is lost because it has broken a promise, as a first point the person who failed to recognize and take responsibility. After you have done this, it is more likely to listen to your partner. Having taken the responsibility, it is necessary to apologize. When we feel hurt, often we want to hear the other a sincere apology and because apologizing is not easy, usually your partner will assess it.

Then, focus on what your partner feel and want, ask if there’s anything I can do to make him / her feel better. Listen carefully to your reply and do everything in their power to satisfy the request that your partner makes you. Many times, when we feel betrayed what we need, is spending time alone, mourn, downloads somehow anger, etc. and it is important that our partner understands and join us in this process.

Finally, a new agreement with the couple must be created, renew broken promises, emphasizing its commitment to them, which makes you see the other person he / she is really willing to change.

On the other hand, when trust is lost by the accumulation of unhealed wounds, what happens it is that thing seemingly insignificant causes chaos in the relationship, and can even happen that one of the members did not even realize that you have violated trust. In this case, the pain of another must first recognize, validate one hundred percent what your partner is feeling, allowing him / her to express because you just want to be heard.

A good example of something that causes the accumulation of injuries are a couple confounding. To end them is great to ask What did you think I meant to …?’ Usually, we assume that others react to our words just as we would do, but this is not necessarily so. By knowing what was the interpretation that gave our partner, we understand your feelings and reactions more easily.

Whenever misunderstandings have been clarified, the following is reminded your partner how much you care and love. When we feel hurt, one of the things that hurt us is the thought of being rejected or feel the indifference of our partner while to realize how much he loves us the other trust can be restored easily.

Because trust is one of the main aspects in a relationship, it is worth assessing how consistently is the level of confidence in my relationship and, if that is damaged, act quickly to repair the damage as soon possible.

By: EsamPim