News Is my broadband really the problem? Reduce lag in...

Is my broadband really the problem? Reduce lag in a one off payment.


Is my broadband really the problem?

Everyone has inevitably seen a buffering symbol. Well, that’s because of slow broadband speeds. Right? No, surprisingly not everything can be blamed on big evil corporations who cut back on everything. They are obliged to give you access to a certain broadband speed. Well what if you’re taking that speed and slowing it down through the maze of your connection to your computer? Well it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the end result will be slow.

How do I speed it up?

What do you do? You change the connection. Rather than paying a fortune for a ‘faster’ broadband simply upgrade what you have. I have the slowest of all available broadbands (and the cheapest) in my area but with just one of these adjustments I can play games online and stream youtube videos in 720p with no buffering! I can even watch videos in 1080p if I pause the video for about a minute at the start. It is now limited by my broadband but even if money wasn’t a factor I’d have no issue with it. What would you even use a faster internet speed for?

Your options

Here are the three main ways to make a connection to your computer, simply buy a newer version to get a better speed.

Product Speed Ease Reliability Problems Review


Using your houses wiring as a giant cable


2 2

1) Slower when more electrical items are used

2) No wifi

————————— ——— ——- ———— ————— ———-

Direct connection

Plugging a cable into the computer directly from the modem or router

1 3 1

1) Wires must be ran around the house

2) No wifi

————————— ——— ——- ———— ————— ———-

Wireless Router (WiFi)

Broadcasting your internet data through the air

2 1 3

1) Has a limited range

2) Wireless dongle may get how and slow speed with excessive use

Is my broadband really the problem? Reduce lag in a one off payment.
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