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Is Online PC Support Helpful in Troubleshooting ‘The Semaphore Timeout Period Has Expired’ Error?

Online technical support services operate 24 X 7 to offer the best possible computer solutions to PC users, located across the globe. Since Windows errors and PC problems are uncertain, you need a promising remote tech support partner to cater system problems instantly. Scroll through the article to learn a few useful PC troubleshooting tips, helping you to resolve some common tech issues.

Online computer support is one of the best possible solutions to avail seamless desktop repair services, irrespective of time and geographic location. Some common Windows errors may annoy your pleasant computing experience and force you to try troubleshooting guides. Your tech friend or an IT specialist may help you to resolve common system problems, but remember that they won’t be available every time your PC breaks down. If you’re an average user, then expecting you to repair Windows registry and fix the system error is waste. But if you have knowledge about programming and Windows codes, then fixing common OS errors isn’t a difficult task for you.

Follow this article to learn how you can fix ‘The Semaphore Timeout Period Has Expired’ error without taking help of a computer technician.

What Does the Error Actually Mean?

You may get this error because the Windows PC you’re using isn’t capable of downloading more than 50 MB of file online. Sometimes, your system may also present this error while uploading large files or if the uploading process takes longer than 30 minutes. Users accessing the Web Client in Windows 7 will confront this error while sharing files on an IIS Server. The error message will state the following information and stops the upload/download process immediately:

“Error: 0x80070079: The semaphore timeout period has expired.’

What is the Main Cause of the Error?

The main reason behind the error could be the setting of the Timeout Value, which is 1800 decimals, by default.

Tips for PC troubleshooting to Fix the Error using Microsoft’s Fix it

• Go to the Microsoft’s official website and click the ‘Fix it’ button

• Save the problem fix codes on your PC and right click on the file

• Now, click ‘Run’ option in the ‘File Download’ dialog box

• Follow the instructions in the ‘Fix it’ wizard to fix the error.

Some points to remember while fixing the error using Microsoft’s Fix It

  • The Fix it solution codes will increase the Timeout Value of the registry entry to 3600 (Decimal)
  • The wizard is available in English only, but you can access the automatic fix section to make it work for Windows editions in other languages as well.
  • If you’re accessing the Microsoft’s Fix It section from any other PC, save the Fix It solution to a removable media drive and run it on the problematic computer.

Tips for Troubleshooting the Error Manually

To resolve some of the PC problems, you’ll need to customize the registry entry. Since the error code gets generated because of the Timeout Value of the registry entry, you will need to make the following changes in the respective entry:

1. Click Start, type ‘regedit’ in the Search box, and press Enter

2. Click the following registry subkey:


3. Now, find the ‘DWORD FsCtlRequestTimeoutInSec’ section

4. Go to ‘Edit’ menu and click the ‘Modify’ option

5. Increase the ‘Value’ of 1800 (Decimal), from the ‘Value data’ box and exit the Registry Editor

6. Now, restart the Windows 7 PC to apply the changes.

Important Note:

Always remember that the ‘FsCtlRequestTimeoutInSec’ section is set to 1800 decimals, by default, and you can increase the setting beyond 1800 decimals. PC experts suggest increasing the value to 3600 (Decimal) to make your PC more compatible with low bandwidth networks.


The PC troubleshooting guide contains steps that require you to modify the registry entry to restore your device back to an error-free state. Always remember that you may face some uncertain errors and serious PC problems if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned above carefully or take help of an online PC support technician to fix the issue.

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