Is Rolex Really the Best Watch Brand in the World?

Ask someone who knows nothing about watches what the best watch brand in the world is and they’ll tell you ‘Rolex’. It is also the brand that market owners shout out when trying to sell knock off watches to tourists in foreign countries and it’s the watch that most children know they want from a young age.

But just because it is one of the best known brands, does that mean it’s necessarily the best? Does it really deserve all that hype?

Where the Hype Comes From

It is no doubt one of the most accomplished manufacturers of watches and certainly makes a lot of very high quality designs that will last a long time and look fantastic on your wrist. They are also actually pioneers in many ways and introduced the world to several ‘firsts’ among watches including the first waterproof watch and the first dustproof watch. They were also the first to introduce us to watches with automatically changing dates.

In the 1980s though, Rolex went from being a well-known brand to being a global superstar in the way that Coca-Cola is. This was after a lot of publicity that positioned them as the luxury watch of choice for ‘yuppies’. And as the popularity rose sharply, so did the cost which only made this seem even more prestigious and elite.

As a result of all this hype, a lot of myths started to surround the brand. For instance many people believe that Rolex watches are individually handmade which just isn’t true – most are in fact created in factories. Likewise it’s commonly held that these are the most accurate watches in the world. Actually though, even some very cheap watches can tell the time even better. Some advertising also claimed that they take years to make it, but again there’s no real basis for this claim.

Are They Really the Best?

So now you know why they are so popular, the next question is: are they really the best?
Of course the answer to this question is going to depend to a large extent on your own personal preferences and what it is that you want from a wristwatch.

Buying a Rolex watch is a good purchase for sure and will land you a timepiece that looks stunning, that turns heads and that’s sure to get people talking. But while they deserve their reputation as great manufacturers, there is no reason to put them above a wide range of other well-made watches including the likes of Timex, Casio, Seiko and TAG. Then there are some of the lesser known, but just as impressive brands including Alain Siberstein, Fortis, UlyseeNardin and others. All of these watches offer the same amazing build quality and stunning design, so really it comes down to the individual watch and which one you like the looks of the most.

So it not the best brand in the world but that’s only because no brand is. There are only better models for specific people and specific circumstances.