Science will always be a boon, sneak out of the window and you’ll see how science has changed the world around us. You have aero plane flying overhead that make reach us places very distant, thanks to Wright brothers. We have satellites out in the space which enable communication. We have got various factories out there which work and keep bringing up various new things, that in some way or the other has made human life more comfortable, and these are just a few to name out of the lot we have.

In my view, I think that science is a boon as -well- as a bane, science is a world of knowledge. Each and every problem has a solution in science and each and every problem is created by science to our environment and our Eco – system. There is a saying that anything over in use is harmful. In the same way science if overused is harmful. Knowledge can be used in a good way and also in a bad way same thing in science it can be used in good way as well as in a bad way. It depend on us how we use it, there are many advantage and disadvantages in it. THE ONE THING IS HUMANS ARE THE ONES WHO CREATED THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF SCIENCE.

Science is always a boon because obviously it has made our lives easy and comfortable. And some would say that it is curse because it causes destruction. My reply to them is when Einstein was working on e=mc2 he didn’t knew that one day his equation would help someone in making the atom bomb and cause destruction to life on earth. If he knew this he wouldn’t make this equation.

Similarly there are good scientists who make something which is a boon for human life but they don’t know that someday there would be some destruction due to his invention. For destruction countries are also responsible because they make weapons as want to influence themselves and make their army power the most strongest in the world.

So if we maintain peace and fight together against bad inventors and their inventions by not supporting them and also there could be other ways. If this would happen then there would be a true heaven on earth with all the people considering science as a boon.