News Is the iRobot 560 Roomba the Best Robot Vacuum...

Is the iRobot 560 Roomba the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?


At the beginning I was skeptical, but now I am convinced that the iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot is a great device. We live in a quite big house and we have a Dyson vacuum cleaner that we have not used because it is quite heavy.

Is the iRobot 560 Roomba the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

You can sit down and watch how the iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot cleans the floors of your rooms. In practice you have to prepare the room for the iRobot 560 because you should avoid obstacles that can interfere seriously in its way. Its cleaning heads automatically adjust to clean carpets and hard floors so it adjusts automatically between different floor types. It cleans under your furniture without keeping stuck if it can go under your sofas… It makes multiple passes over the same areas to leave your floors without any trace of dust and to ensure that it vacuums every section of your room. The iRobot 560 has a technology that allows it to go under curtains and other soft barriers and distinguish them from harder barriers. With its wall following technology it will clean the perimeter of your rooms. Its dirt detect feature uses an acoustic sensor to focus on dirty areas until they are completely cleaned.

If you have stairs at home you don’t have any problem as the iRobot 560 has cliff detection sensors that allow it avoid the stairs. The roomba iRobot 560 is really easy to use. It works very well when the floor type changes because it adapts really well to thick carpets and hard floors.

You can configure which areas to clean and which areas to avoid using the virtual wall technology. It comes with two virtual walls. It is very funny when iRobot 560 goes to its home base to self-charge. It is like a pet that vacuum your rooms and do the dirty work for you. The quality of its work is impressive. The carpets look like if they were new. Much better as with any normal vacuum cleaner. Its scheduling feature allows you to preset up to seven times per week for iRobot 560 to clean when it is most adequate to you.

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Is the iRobot 560 Roomba the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?
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