Is the Samsung Chromebook right for you?


So, you’re looking for a new computer? Google probably targeted their ‘Chromebook for Everyone’ ads at you by now, which might have gotten you interested in the Samsung Chromebook,Amazons #1 seller in laptops. So if you’re looking to see if chromebook is right for you read on!

The Chromebook isn’t for everyone, no matter what Google’s ads say. It might or might not be right for YOU! It is good for certain groups and bad for others. So please read this before you buy the chromebook!

*This is the Chrome OS version. Not The Other Linux Version. If you wanna do more get Ubuntu linux on your Chromebook.


The Chromebook excluded a whole bunch of WEB apps by NOT getting a few different plugins. No Java, Unity- Web player and a few others (a few you haven’t heard names of). So its not ‘perfect for web users’. Its ‘perfect for web users who don’t use Java or Downloaded applications or a whole bunch of plug-ins.

For Students/Workers

Yes, its pretty good for typing up documents and creating presentations. Unless you want super powerful editing program, you’ll be fine. In fact i’ve found the online alternatives more appealing than your microsoft office suite.

My favorite Microsoft word alternative was Google docs which probably is the most Microsoft Word similar one anyway. Just like Google want it to be.

For Microsoft Powerpoint I choose ( a very unknown website, but you should try it ) the most Microsoft Word Like the award goes to Google slides (yay).

I don’t use Microsoft Excel that much so don’t ask me (i’d guess its google spreadsheet)

If you don’t like the alternatives i mentioned then try out Zoho’s suite.

For Casual Browsers (Surfers, Social Network Users, Forumers and other light activity web users)

Yes it is. It rather obvious, its extremely fast (although it gets slow if you have an excessive number of tabs) and foruming, Facebooking and emailing doesn’t take that much power.

For Travellers

The Samsung Chromebook is indeed for travelers taking up little space. With its tiny 12.1 in screen its amazingly easy to travel with.

For Gamers

No, it is not for gamers. Most ONLINE games won’t run on Chromebook due to its lack of Java or Unity. So you can forget about Minecraft. It can run other games like the ones from or Angrybirds. Check out the chrome extension store for some mobile level games. But this is NOT a buy for someone who wants more than smartphone entry games (unless you install another linux).