Is There a Reason to Have Children?

Do you ever wonder if you remain childless by choice, if you are missing out on anything? I thought I was going to be childless because I was told I would never be able to conceive. A hormonal problem made it unlikely I would ever get pregnant. Truthfully I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about children so it wasn’t any great loss to me.

My husband and I got a big surprise when the flu I thought I had, turned out not to be the flu after all. It was a bouncing baby boy. After seventeen years of marriage it was a bit of a shocker. Plus I was a very old mom by that time and a high risk pregnancy because of my age.

So we didn’t exactly choose to have children, though my husband was more for it than I was. In spite of that I welcomed the pregnancy because our lives had become rather boring and I thought I was finally ready for motherhood.

Children Are Fun

Turns out I love babies. They are so incredible from their first smiles, to their laughter. I loved babyhood. Now the terrible twos…. and threes…. I could have done without. However there were still many memorable moments in all the screaming.

I’m not going to pull any punches, children are a lot of work. I was exhausted, and never got any sleep. One of my children slept less than three hours at a stretch. They constantly needed my attention for everything from getting dressed to coloring.

And then it all changed. Now both of my children are in their teens and I have to say that before I couldn’t see a reason for having children, but I do now. There is something incredibly wondrous in watching them become real people. They no longer need me to dress them, but I’m still very important in their lives.

I’m watching my kids get jobs and have girlfriends. I still don’t like to see them fall down or make mistakes, because I’m the kind of mom who wants to protect my kids from being hurt. However it’s heart swelling to see them handle their hurt and mistakes with such resilience and fortitude.

Why Have Children?

Hands down the reason is because they are fun. They let you be a kid yourself again. Let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t go tobogganing or skating as an adult. Kids get you outside and active when all you want to do is curl up with a good book. Though at first you’re reluctant, before you know it, you’ll be joining in their laughter at who falls off the toboggan first.

Then there’s the daily enjoyment of having them around. I burst with pride when I see my children out in the community and being kind to others. I love to watch them grow, see them laugh, and be happy.

Also there’s the feeling of being loved so much. I know how important I am in my kid’s lives. They truly love their mother with all their hearts and they show me and tell me every day. It’s amazing to know that I am such an important part of their lives. I love the way they hug me just to say “I love you”. I’m also better than any medication when it comes to cuts, scrapes and bruises. A comforting hug from mom makes everything better.

The main reason for having kids is the joy they bring into your life. Having been without kids for so many years before we had them, I can honestly see the big difference they made to our lives. Though I thought I would never make a good a mother, my kids will tell you otherwise. In their eyes, I rock!