Is Your Business Blog Too Product Centric?

A business blog is often part of a larger marketing and SEO scheme that aims to promote products or services. But if your goal is to attract and impress new customers, you will need to do more than just talking about your business, your products and your accomplishments. If your blog is too product centric you will find it difficult to create a loyal readership. Would you read regularly a blog that does nothing but republish press releases and announcements?

Creating a Following

If you want to make the most of your business blog as a marketing tool you want to become an authority in your field, a thought leader. You must become somebody worth reading again and again, and not only when you stumble upon the website via a search engine. By creating educational content that is not all about your products and accomplishments you will attract both new readers and existing ones that consider you a reference in your niche.

Content that is Easy to Share

Compare the number times you have shared a news release about a product, versus the number of times you have shared a tutorial, an industry report or even an interesting user case. If you want to attract more Facebook likes, Twitter mentions and generally create a bigger wave in the web 2.0 sphere, you will need to create content that people find worthy of sharing. Think of content that offers additional insight on your industry, or that has a utility for your reader besides showcasing your products or latest business success.

Why Does A Blog Become Too Product Centric?

If you are heavily invested in your business it is quite easy to end up with a blog that is too product centric, because you find your own products interesting and worth talking about. It is also quite difficult to step out of the box and dare to talk about other players in your industry, position yourself as an opinionated voice worth listening to (or argue with) or risk alienating some of your potential clients by offering content that is too complex.

Ways to Fix It

Consider starting an editorial calendar, and spacing blog posts about your products with industry or market data, best practices or even better, your opinion and conclusions from that data. As a business owner, you probably read a lot of information about your niche on a daily basis, so why not use that as a blog post instead of keeping it to yourself? Useful information that fixes a problem or teaches your users something is also great, and will increase your authority in your niche.

If you do not think you have the time to do all the research and write educational material you can also employ freelance content writing services to provide you with it. Like all other marketing efforts, this would fall under legitimate small business expenses, and as such it can help reduce your business tax liabilities.