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Is Your Dog Suffering From Allergies: Try the Following Tips

Your pet dog can be considered as your best companion inside your home. As the fur of this animal is always subjected to dust particles and microbes, they are affected by allergies and skin problems. The skin diseases are one of the common problems of the dogs and once they are affected, it is very difficult to get rid of the same. The allergies are caused by the environmental pollutants, bugs, and insects and even from food, as well. Most of the people are well aware of the common allergic symptoms of the humans like sneezing, rashes and itchy throats. But when it comes to dogs, these animals cannot express the pain they feel when they are suffering from the allergies.

Woman playing with pug
Woman playing with pug

Why Natural Remedies Are Better?

Though most of the pet owners like to give their pets the commercial remedies to remove the fleas and the insects from the fur, but they are not good for the health. The commercial medicines often contain certain preservatives and chemicals that put a bad effect on the skin. They are costly at the same time. The first step in preventing the allergic infections is to take proper care of your pet. You should regularly check the fur. If there is any infection of fleas or mites, it is better to remove them quickly. You can also take your dog to a veterinary doctor for the best treatments. Natural remedies are one of the best remedies to cure skin remedies for dogs. The natural home made products are easily available and you can also adjust the doses according to the requirements. Here are some of the natural remedies that will help your dogs to get rid of the infections and the skin problems.

  • Vitamin E is one of the best remedies to remove the flaky skin from the dog’s fur. You can give the vitamin oil on the skin of the dog or can apply a soaking bath with few drops of vitamin oil. There are various vitamin tablets available in the market that will also help.
  • Vinegar can also work in times of emergency. If your dog ear’s get affected by the allergies, it is better to use vinegar on the ears. If you see that your dog is shaking the head quite a lot and there is excessive amount of brown-pink ear wax or your dog is rubbing the ears, it means that there are allergic infections on the ears. Most of the veterinary doctors suggest using few drops of vinegar inside the ear canal and massaging the area with a cotton ball.
  • Dogs are similar to the kids. They are very delicate and always need comfort. They suffer from wounds and occasional swelling of the skin. You can also give Epsom salt heat packs on the fur to prevent the spread of the infections throughout the body. If it is not possible to give Epsom salt bath daily, you can apply a home-made pack on the site of infection.

Thus, most of the doctors suggest giving the natural remedies to the dogs when they suffer from skin allergies and infections. There are many companies that offer medicines or liquid solutions for skin allergies of dogs.

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