Is Zujava worth writing for?

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I post photography to many different websites to make passive income streams. I also write articles for about a dozen websites. In my opinion Zujava is the worst website I have attempted to write for.

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When you sign up for Zujava they put you in what they call the petting zu. This is an area where new members have to prove they are decent writers. To graduate from the petting zu you must submit 3 articles. Once a moderator reviews the articles and they are approved, you will graduate and then be allows to write and submit articles.

Finding any sort of help on requirements for your articles is nearly impossible. Even after you find the right area it is very confusing. You are blocked from using the forums until you graduate. But there is no warnings. So you can attempt to post a question but once you submit it says you can’t post while in the petting zu. A link is provided so that you can visit a forum for people in the petting zu. If you click the link it goes to a page that is not there. So you are stuck without having any ability to ask questions.

I submitted three articles and clicked the button that said I could now go through a review. A message popped up saying I would be reviewed in a week, maybe less. I waited three weeks and got no response. Without the ability to post on the forums I have no way of getting any advice. I found a link to contact the website owner. I sent an email asking if I did something wrong or would I be reviewed soon. I got no response. I waited a week and emailed again. Again I got no response. I found the owner of the website on the forum and I was able to send him a personal message. I got no response. Again I sent him a personal message and got no response. I deleted my account after 3 months of frustration.

I waited 6 months and figured that maybe things had gotten better. I again submitted 3 new unique articles. I went through the same steps as before with no responses and now I’m sitting at 1 month in the petting zu.

I am giving up on Zujava. I have no desire to help a website with such poor customer service. A response or a better way of contacting someone for help would really go a long way.

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Is Zujava worth writing for?, Seekyt
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