Islands for Retreats from the Busy Modern World


In the sunny summer months, some of the calm Croatian islands become rather busy with enthusiastic visitors. But if you hire a yacht and sail to one of the lesser known island idylls then you can easily escape the tourist crowds. Here are a few suggestions for tranquil island retreats where you can find your own quiet corner of paradise:


Mongooses on Mljet

This forested island is known for romance, myth would have us believe that this is where Odysseus spent seven years enticed by the nymph Calypso. This island’s lesser known claim to fame is its mongoose population, which was introduced originally to combat a snake problem. Couples looking for out of the way romance, or keen wildlife observers should come to this magical island.

Serenity of Silba

With no cars allowed, not even bicycles over the summer and no built up hotels and resorts, this is truly a serene island paradise, perfect for pleasant shady walks, or simply relaxing on a quiet beach with nothing and no one to disturb your serenity. Soak in the sun, or stroll around undisturbed by traffic on this archadian island.

Sunbathing on Susak

This small island just off the coast of its larger neighbour Losinj, is perfect for those who want to chill out and catch a few rays. Made mostly of sand, this oasis of waving grasses, wild fennel and crumbling cliffs is a perfect jewel in the clear, cerulean waters. Just sit back and relax and allow all your troubles to wash away on the tide while your boat lies moored in a quiet and beautiful bay.

Calmness on Sveti Klement

This family friendly island is never crowded and its beaches, fishing, diving and botanical gardens afford plenty for an active family to do while they enjoy their calm family holiday. Try out water sports like gulet sailing and diving, or simply stroll through this green island’s woodlands. Sveti Klement is only twenty minutes or so from the popular haunt of Hvar, but could be a world away. There are plenty of quiet corners to unwind in.

Solitude on Scedro

This tiny island is just 8 sq km and has just one place to stay, a holiday cottage that sleeps ten. This really is a get away from it all location. Only half an hour from Hvar, and yet solitude comes easy here. The tiny settlement here includes the remains of a Dominican Monastery but there is nothing much else to see or do. A holiday here is all about escape, relaxation and solitude. So why not charter a boat and come to Scedro? A peaceful haven awaits you.


There are said to be over a thousand islands in Croatia, scattered across the Adriatic. You are sure to find one that you can make your own and which will give you the peace and tranquility you are looking for. So look into yacht charter today and retreat from the modern world on one of the many tranquil Croatian islands that await you in the breathtakingly amazing Adriatic.

Photo source: Flickr