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ISO: American Airmens Society

About 3 years ago, I was given some of my father’s belongings, there were only a few things, but one of the things that he had put away for safekeeping is something I have been searching for answers for ever since. You see in his belongings is an old gold sealed policy dating back more than 50 years now.

He was a United State Military man serving in the Army. He joined when he was 17 by telling them he was 18 and they weren’t so keen on having birth certificates back then I suppose. But he served for 20 years, retiring when he was 47 years old. He served in Korea and in Viet Nam.

ISO: American Airmens SocietyMen’s Military Field Coat – Men’s Fire Hose Field Coat


Unfortunately, he died after being eat up from the inside by Agent Orange poisoning. Death by agent orange is not pretty or comfortable for anyone, it has no cure and there is nothing that can relief the pain. He died at the age of 55. We miss him very much…

Anyway, I am still searching for answers to a question I asked 3 years ago on the yahoo answer site. I got a few suggestions of what to do and I did that.

ISO: American Airmens SocietyArmy Dad Military Drinking Glass by CafePress


In fact, the head guy over insurance called me not to long after that, but he was puzzled about it too and promised to call me back when he found anything out about it. He gave me his info, but things have been moved around and I’ve not found them again to contact him.

This policy is real it has a gold seal, but no one knows anything about it.

Take a look, please to see what you might think about it.

ISO: American Airmens Society

American Airmen’s Society Policy Holder?

The businesses associated with this gold seal policy that dates more than 50 years ago include:

These have been sent emails…

  1. ATT
  2. Union Pacific
  3. Eastman Kodak
  4. Chrysler
  5. Goodyear Tire
  6. DOW
  7. International Bus
  8. Liberty National
  9. Westinghouse
  10. US Steel
  11. GE
  12. Sears Roebuck
  13. American Tobacco
  14. Texas Company (TEXACO)

ISO: American Airmens SocietyPeace Now Retro Vintage Classic Style T-shirt – Army Green


more that haven’t been sent emails:

  1. General Motors
  2. International Nickel
  3. Kroger Stores
  4. 3M – Minn. Mining & MFG.
  5. Park Davis Drug
  6. Standard Oil of NJ (ExxonMobil)
  7. Union Oil of Cal.(Chevron)
  8. United Aircraft
  9. Bethlehem Steel now Mittal Steel
  10. American National Insurance Company
  11. Colonial Life
  12. Commonwealth Life
  13. Connecticut General Life
  14. Continental Assurance Company – now CNA or The Hartford
  15. Continental Casualty Company – now CNA or The Hartford
  16. Franklin Life – now Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company
  17. Gulf Life Insurance – now American General Life and Accident
  18. Jefferson Standard Life – now Jefferson-Pilot part of the The Lincoln Financial Group
  19. American Can – now Rexam
  20. Life & Casualty Insurance Co. of Tennessee – now American General Insurance
  21. Lincoln National Life
  22. National Life & Accident Insurance – now American General
  23. Republic National Life – now American General Life Insurance Company
  24. Southland Life – Now ING
  26. The Travelers Insurance Co.
  27. The United States Life – Now the US Coast Guard?
  28. Safeway

ISO: American Airmens Society


ISO: American Airmens Society
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