It is the time to worry!!

Are you an apple or a pair? If somebody asked this what is your answer?Actually in the modern world obesity and high body weight is a major problem.Also they are the major key factors for hypertension,diabetes mellitus,ischemic heart diseases,strokes and much more.

Usually the body fat is devided as upper body fat and lower body fat.If you have got high amount of upper boddy fat,you are an apple and with low upper body fat compaired to lower body fat, you are an pair!! The thing to be understood is being a pear is much more safer than an apple.Because high upper body fat may end up in previousy mentioned results.So when you measure your waist circumferance and hip cercumferance,your waist should be in a low value.The ratio between these values should be less than 0.8 for female and less than 0.9 for male.So keeping this in your mind a great care to maintain your figure must be carried out,so that you may not happen to wear your trouser beneath your pendulous abdomen!!!!!

Also in general practice,a value called ”body mass index” {BMI} also greately considered,Here you have to measure your weight in kilograms and height in meters,and BMI is calculated by deviding your body weight by the square of your that you should get a value in between 18-24.9 to be normal.But if your BMI is more than 25 you are again in the risk group,being obese or overweight.A value less than 18nis called as mal nourished.

After considering all these,now you can self estimate that you are obese or not.

Being obese,you are prone to get many of the non communicable diseases in the world.they will reduce the quality of your life and as health is the wealth of a human you will be a poor too..

In the modern world with the busy work shedules people are not considering about their food much.mostly consumption of high fat high sugar food items,processed fast foods,less green leaf and vegetable,less fresh fruits,smoking,alcohol,highly stressed life style may all will direct your way to such nasty diseases.

As these diseases are highly preventable,solely with life style and dietary modifications,you just have to adjust your style only..Good food habbits,exercise preferabally 30 min per day, about 3 days a week,maintainig your body weight in acceptable limits,mentally and physically a free life style will all make your life much more beautifull