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It's all in Your Head


It is said that some addictions, some diseases, both physical and psychological, insanity, and anything that really does not make any sense to most people, is all in the individual’s head. If a physical doctor cannot find a problem, it must be in the head. When we have a physical ailment, we do not want to believe it is in the head and so will seek a doctor who will confirm our suspicions. If we perceive someone else has a mental or physical problem, and the individual does not want to see a doctor, chances are a friend or close relative will encourage the one with the problem to go and see a doctor. Ignoring a physical or psychological issue is also a problem. This is called denial, and this too is in the head. It seems there is a lot going on in the head. The question to ask; is what is in the head? If there is so much that is defined in the body according to what is going on in the head, perhaps the problem is not physical or psychological. Perhaps it is intellectual. We are not intellectually defined, we are emotionally defined. The intellect defines what we do, not who we are. The question of what happens when the intellect is placed in charge of our emotional value defines what goes on in the head. Because we have intellectually learned to assign our emotional value, what we intellectually perceive in our body and in our world has become our global reality. Truth is consistent, and it is consistently helpful. When truth is not consistent, it becomes unfocused and its value constantly shifts. This is why for one person a disease is real, and for someone else it is in their head. If a symptom can be interpreted into a physical interpretation, it is real, if not it is in the head. The question now must become, where does intellectual interpretation come from? Is this information not also found in the head? The center for emotional maturity begins in the solar plexus. All innocent emotions, such as love, joy, happiness, goodness, creativity, balance, harmony, and etc. begin here. The heart center is right next to the solar plexus. When emotions are balanced and in harmony, the solar plexus sends harmony into the heart, which then circulates throughout the body. If a baby were allowed to develop emotional maturity without intellectual interference, they would grow into a healthy responsible emotionally mature adult. When the intellect is placed in a position of interfering with emotional maturity, every emotion begins to be intellectually determined. If the intellectual determination is anger, hate, guilt, sadness, or fearful, this too is relegated to the heart, where it circulates throughout the body through the blood until the discontented emotion finds a home and eventually becomes a symptom. The heart is not just a physical muscle. It is the primary organ that circulates emotional integrity throughout the body. When the heart carries integrity that has not been violated by an intellectual misinterpretation, it will circulate health throughout the body. This will also affect the mental health of the individual as well. Learning to place intellectual integrity over emotional integrity is something we pick up at a very early age. As babies, we are fast learners. When we discover that something was not quite right with being emotionally innocent, we psychically shifted our emotions into another body space that was more acceptable to those we want to please. This involves guilt. We were not created to assign emotional integrity with the intellect. Love cannot be intellectually assigned because it is who we are. The head is not the proper space to assign emotional integrity. We came perfectly prepared with everything in its proper order. By reassigning this order, we are now guilty of committing a spiritual crime. This is called a spiritual virus that circulates throughout the blood waiting for the proper time to manifest into a physical symptom, and eventually a physical problem. This is called addiction, disease, war, and the list goes on. By learning to replace the spiritual space where emotional maturity would evolve naturally, into an unnatural setting called the brain, we learn that it is good to assign unnatural guilt. As guilt moves through our heart, we become afflicted with a guilty malfunction in the body. But we believe we can intellectually assign guilt to other people, places, and things, but the finger is really pointing at us.. This way of intellectually assigning value to our emotions is called self awareness and is supported by what we intellectually believe about reality. Belief does not make reality; it attempts to understand without reason. How powerful is an intellectual value placed on emotional innocence? The next time you are really angry at someone, just change your mind about how you feel. See if you can shift your emotion to the innocent integrity of joy. If this works, you should have evolved into a higher state of awareness because you do not need a body anymore to intellectually define your reality. What would happen if our emotional innocence was not subject to the influences of a guilty intellect? What if we learned how to become emotionally mature without intellectually assigning guilt? What would happen if the emotion of the pure joy of innocence was not sacrificed to intellectual guilt? What kind of a world would we live in then?

It's all in Your Head
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