It's better when It's Online

It takes good measure to bring about great change. Even if it means sighting a different opinion. Take for example the revolution that the e-commerce industry is bringing about. It has left an entire generation of conventional shoppers bewildered while giving birth a new battalion of hard-core e-users who won’t look another way.

Kochi was as pleasant as Amma’s mood that morning. The sudden plan, the impromptu home-coming and the family expecting their youngest daughter’s flight to arrive any moment for her two week later engagement left Amma overwhelmed. Appointments with jewellers had been scheduled for Dhanya, in keeping with tradition. But little did she know that her princess had shopped for most of her fashion jewellery online.

Showcasing the family gold on Dhanya was going to be a much looked-forward-to sight; and so Amma urged Dhanya into her room, locked the door and ranted out her plans for beauty treatments, makeup and jewellery. Dhanya explained that she was absolutely fine with all Amma wanted except that she had already bought her fashion jewellery online.

Online? – Amma exclaimed in despair and quite audibly expressed the madness in spending on a piece of jewellery that one hasn’t even touched. It took several deep breaths for Dhanya to calm her down. Dhanya flipped out her IPhone hoping to showcase with the best clarity available how wise her decision to ship for her wedding fashion jewellery online was.

Amma was spellbound by the chiseled craftsmanship displayed in the picture her eyes beheld, even more by the rate at which it was sold. More than a 50% discount on what her jeweller quoted on a similar piece only two days ago. The fact that the rare beauty was sold out pleased her even more in a queer way that no one in the room quite understood.

Her sharp eyes sifted through the T&Cs on the website and a bright smile appeared when she confirmed it’s GIA certification. Dhanya enquired what she was looking for next when Amma swiftly retorted in a matter-of-fact way – What do you think? Buying me some fashion jewellery online of course!