Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes.

Jack the Ripper is Great Britain’s most notorious serial killer and mutilator of women, he was never caught. Sherlock Holmes is the world’s most famous detective, he never failed. Both were creations of the same Victorian age, and both lived in the same city, London. It was inevitable that their paths would cross, and when they do, will even Sherlock Holmes be able to catch Jack the Ripper?

These are continuing episodes in the conflict between Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes. They accurately describe Jack The Ripper’s terrible crimes against women, and Sherlock Holmes and associated characters are portrayed in the Victorian style of their creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

A warning is in order- he was called Jack the Ripper for his horrific mutilations of his female victim’s faces and sexual organs, and for such actions as decorating a female corpse with its entrails, and sending the authorities half a victim’s kidney along with a hand written letter in red ink, stating among other things that he ‘fried the other half and ate it and it was good.’ The authorities concluded they were looking for a homicidal maniac. I also include a few pictures of the Ripper’s victims. If such materials offend you, please do not continue on. Thank you..

Chapter One
Jack The Ripper’s First Kill
The coach was the best, it was painted dark black, and its hardware was silvery, while inside there were fine wood panels, fancy cushioning and curtains. It moved quietly because there was rubber covering its wheels. The curtains were shut. The streets here were badly lit at night, with only a few street lights, it was dark, however the driver knew where he was going, and drove on. The man inside was holding an expensive case in one hand. It was a surgeon’s case, with surgical devices, some that severed flesh by cutting, and some to saw bone. the devices were of good quality and ready for use, however no physician was holding them.

The man acted nervous, a finger kept tapping the case. They arrived and stopped near the place known as Buck’s Alley in London, notorious for the women of easy virtue there. Buck’s Alley was near taverns selling gin (‘Family’s Ruin’) that made and killed its drinkers, and the opiate containing drinks Paragoric and the stronger Laudenum, that calmed the mind and before long destroyed it. Nearby was the Gray Wolf tavern,and nearby on Commerce Street were the Eight Bells and the Queen Mary. Not far away was the popular Flying Fish tavern. Women of easy virtue drank at these places, and then walked on nearby Buck’s Alley.

Taking the case he said, “Stay!” and walked away. He disappeared into the shadows, and was in a frenzy of anticipation; he strongly wanted a woman of easy virtue to appear. Then he saw her, a female, drunk but good looking, was approaching. Although drunk she still wanted anyone who would pay for her sex actions. He stepped out and stood directly before her.

“Here now what do they call you?” he said.

“Sir, they call me Polley Nicholes, she replied.

“Can I assist you you, Sir?” She spoke quietly, without any concern about her fee. no worry about being paid.

“Follow along,” he said and lead her deeper into the darkness. Then he ceased walking. It was almost entirely dark, but shapes could still barely be seen. The case’s snaps being released made very soft sounds, and it was no longer closed. Polley was waiting, and not hearing anything she started undressing.

“There is no weed for that’ he said. Then twisting her head by its hair, he cut deep across the throat, driving the knife so much that he nearly cut off her head. In her pain, horror and fright, and drowning in her own blood, she made only horrible gurgle noises. On the ground she continued making the horrible gurgle sound while her killer hurriedly finished what he came for.

Taking up a larger knife with saw teeth, he cut away until she was all open open. He would have liked to view the sex organs, but was too afraid to dispel the darkness. In future he would sample them, and enjoy doing things with them.

He had done what he came for,.and returned to where the driver was waiting fir him. He said ‘Go!’ and they all disappeared. Soon after sunrise the mutilated corpse of Mary Ann Nicholes, known as Polley Nicholes, was discovered near Buck’s Alley.

Episode 2 ‘White Chapel’ will be available soon.