Jada's Secret

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‘Oh, Mom, I need to talk to you to tell you something for it has been heavy on my mind, I am not able to quite tell dad the news yet for what I need to share with you, dad is not gone to be very happy with. Jada heart was very heavy with carrying this secret on her heart.

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‘Mom, please don’t be disappointed with me. ‘OH, I can never be disappointed with you Jada, mother said, Nothing you do would ever make me stop loving you any different or less. Well, Mom, I am pregnant. Say what? I am pregnant. After Jada told me, I was shocked at first. Everything in the room became silent. Jada, How could this happen? Mother asked. I sit down with you and had the mother and daughter chat explaining to you not to have sex before marriage. I know Mom, ‘I am sorry, Jada relied. It just happen. Not the fact that I am surprised over the news you shared, I am proud of you that you could come to me to talk to me and share the news with me. ‘Mom, how are we gone to tell dad? Jada asked. Dad don’t believe in having sex before marriage. Well, Jada, you just need to be honest and upfront with him. sure he may be disappointed at first and then cry, but dad needs to know. I know Mom.

Jada was only seventeen years old, still in high school for she had so much going in her life. Good student who was on the top of her class with good grades, she made the honor roll. We could not be any proud of her. Now with the news she shared with her dad and mom, her life was gone to change after the baby was born. Pike and Bekka, Jada’s parents did not believe in abortion and have sit Jada down to talk on the topic of adoption. Pike and Bekkah wanted the choice to be their daughters. Her parents will help out whatever her decision she made.

Through the months of her pregnancy Jada dropped out of school and taken online classes to earn her High school diploma before her baby was born. She did end up graduating and earning her high school diploma a month before her delivery date. January 20, Jada went into labor. Pike and Rebekkah drove their daughter to the hospital as her parents sit in the waiting room of the hospital for the news to hear what Jada had. seven hours later the nurse walked out to share the news of their daughter that she had a healthy seven pound baby girl. Nurse walked us back to Jada’s hospital room and Bekkah sit down on her hospital bed as the nurse walked in to her room carrying in her arms our new granddaughter. She was wrapped up in a pink blanket. She placed our granddaughter in Jada’s arms.

You sure have a beautiful lovely granddaughter there Mr. and Mrs. Wattle,’ smiled the nurse. ‘Congratulations! Jada, nurse said. ‘Pappy could not help himself but to hold his new granddaughter in his arms. As he was holding his new granddaughter in his arms he could not help but play with her beautiful head of hair before he handed her to his wife. ‘Oh, she sure is a princess, Mother! Pike smiled. She sure is, Mother replied. Pike’s thoughts ran on. ‘I guess Jada, you have not pick a name out for her. I was thinking to name her Faith, after grandma’s middle name. ‘Oh, what a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl, it suits her well.

Pike lean over to give his daughter a kiss on a cheek. With tears flowing from his eyes, he was so overjoyed with excitement of having to be there for his daughter and being the first to hold in his arms his new first granddaughter that he forgotten all about Jada becoming pregnant at such an young age, being a teenage mother. Pike could not wait to get home to share the good news of being a grandfather. ‘oh, Pike loved the name of his new granddaughter, he just wished he would turned out to be a better man for his mother’s sake. His thoughts were remorseful. As he held his granddaughter for the very first time in his arms, I must be the best grandfather, ‘ to my granddaughter. ‘I will.

See Jada, all your worries and concerns were in vain. Faith is a healthy as any baby ever was. Mother did not say nothing, she just smiled and her eyes were filled with tears of joy. Jada and Faith was ready to come home and when they arrived home, Mother was overjoyed with having her daughter and Faith home. You go lay down Jada and rest, I will tend to Faith. Father, I will warm up her formula and feed my granddaughter now, Pike suggested,

The house soon silent down. With Jada resting, taking a nap and with pleasant thoughts, grandpa sat in the big rocking chair, feeding his granddaughter. He glazed down into Faith’s eyes and whisper to his new granddaughter Faith under his breath, ‘Yes, you and I princess will become great pals, Faith Joy Wattle. Whispered in Faith’s tiny ear, and in the days following, his heart grew filled with love and affection between his granddaughter faith and grandfather.

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