Japa Malas – Have A Real Essence

A Japa Mala comprises of 108 beads in it. Buddhists and Hindus use it while performing Japa. This Mala has a very special place in the Mantra Sadhana. This Mala is used to keep a count when you recite, chant and mentally repeat a mantra or name of a deity. Such a practice in Sanskrit is called Japa. When we explore it in detail we find many intriguing trends related to it.

The mind due to its nature always tends to wander while doing Mantra Sadhana. The wandering mind should be recollected and focused on the object of meditation or the deity using a Japa Mala. This describes the essence of these Malas which are very significant to complete your Sadhana.

The chanting of mantras is necessary in definite number to fulfill your desires. Japa anusthana is performed at a particular sacred resonance. The number of chants are counted using rosaries. This meditation practice should be done with your full devotion. You should be able to fully dedicate yourself in it.

You should not use Japa Mala carelessly. Never keep it at an unclean place. Never touch it by feet or left hand. It acts as a lifeless object but it is the instrument by which you remember God.

Realize divine reality

Japa Mala helps to spiritually uplift a person. Regularly practicing Japa Malas help to bring in divine results in the life of a person. You gradually step by step move closer to God. You are able to realize the divine reality of the world. You get rid of your emotions of stress, anger, hatred, jealously etc. You tend to look at this world in a positive way. You are able to realize fresh energy and enthusiasm in your life. You are able to easily do the tasks which you earlier felt hard to accomplish. You can yourself realize the positive changes this can bring in regard to your outlook about life.

Two ways to use a Japa Mala

Traditionally, a Japa Mala is held using right hand and there are two ways to use it. In the first method Japa Mala hangs between thumb and ring finger. The mala is rotated using middle finger one bead towards oneself at each mantra repetition. In the next method Japa Mala hangs on middle finger. The mala is rotated using thumb one bead at a time. In both these methods you should not touch Japa Mala beads with index finger.

In Japa Mala practice you start at summit bead and continue in a loop till you reach the summit again. You never pass over the summit bead. Those who want to do more rounds should turn around the mala to begin again in reverse direction.

The Buddhagroove Japa Mala practice conditions your mind to meditative state. This practice is a perfect way to connect with God and understand a deeper meaning of this world around us. You should not exhibit your Japa Mala and rather keep it in a special bag for it.