Jaw Implants

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Jaw implants otherwise known as Jaw augmentation is a facial plastic surgery procedure. Jaw augmentation is primarily used to bring balance to the structure of the face. This surgery can be used to fix birth defects, or facial deficiencies due to accidents and trauma.

Because this is a plastic cosmetic surgery, which takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete, it is not covered by insurance plans. The cost range is $2,000 – $6500. It is an outpatient procedure done under general anesthesia.

The procedure entails internal mouth incisions places on either side of the lower lip. These incisions create a type of ‘pocket’ which the surgeon uses to place the implant. Because incisions are inside of the mouth, there is little to no visible scarring from this surgical procedure. The incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches.

Recovery from this procedure can involve discomfort smiling or talking, you may have restrictions placed on eating/chewing for a short time (up to a few weeks). You will have swelling and bruising which can be significant. You may be given a brace or splint to wear for a few days. You may be prescribed pain medication for pain if needed.

Risks involved in this surgery include numbness due to nerve damage, blood clots, implant shifting, which could mean needing another surgery to correct, though this is fairly uncommon, it is a risk to be aware of.

What materials are chin implants made of? There are many options for you and your surgeon to choose from such as; bone grafts, skin grafts (which may be absorbed by the body), Collagen from bovines, injectible fillers, and of course, silicone. Talk with your doctor to decide what is your best option, what he is most skilled with using and the risks involved with each. As with any surgery you may elect, making informed decisions is the prudent route to take.

Chin augmentation surgery is thought to be permanent, though if you decide to go for fillers, such as silicone and other injectibles, they will need to be repeated over time. This is why it’s so important to have open communication with your plastic surgeon. Weigh the upkeep and risks associated with each option available to you. Though injectibles are much cheaper, about $400-$500 per session, it will add up since you will paying that each time you need to have the procedure repeated, so it’s an ongoing cost, where the implant surgery, though costly, is permanent with no extra upkeep after recovery from surgery.

Some people also have rhinoplasty (nose job) along with jaw augmentation to balance the face out fully. These are all decisions you will need to discuss with your doctor, to meet your needs so you leave your surgery happy with your new face.

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