Jazz 101 Learn to Play Jazz Piano

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As a Gospel keyboardist I recently undertook the quest of learning how to actually develop a jazz vocabulary and know how to execute licks, runs, and chords upon command. Naturally, my current style of playing involves that jazzy sound with some fancy chords. However, I aim to be educated in the easiest, yet most effective way.

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My background in music is that of classical music lessons from 5 to 16. I grew disinterested in my teens as I wanted to learn more jazzy chords to enhance my Gospel playing ability and sound. To me the jazzy style is very impressive, not that I aimed to show off and all.

Nevertheless, my ability to play by ear is a plus, but you see I’m no novice to playing. With a background in classical music I can read as I still retain some knowledge of that, but the lack of practice makes that a week ability.

I was looking for something that was affordable, interesting, and easy to understand. I was able to begin my endeavor to learn jazz by purchasing Jazz 101 by Hear and Play. This Jazz 101 is a two-disc DVD tutorial for learning how to play jazz piano.

Jazz 101 is ideal as I can watch it over and over again and rewind as necessary. It’s like having an instructor at my fingertips! The actual instructor of Jazz 101 is James Wrubel. James studied music at Dartmouth College and did some studying abroad in Europe. He plays with diverse musicians and appears to be a quiet type. However, when he gets on the piano, he’s amazing!

James Wrubel’s style is very understandable and simply deep! Not to mention that the tutorial provides views of the keyboard with note names. Anyone driven to learn jazz is provided every aid possible to make the goal a reality!

While undergoing my learning of Jazz I must highlight the goodness of Jazz 101. The DVD menus are:

The disc menu for Jazz 101 disc one includes:
Blues Form
Chord Voicing
Add Melody
Rhythm & Melody
Blues Scale
Blues Melody

The disc menu for Jazz 101 disc two includes:
Bass Lines
Blues Lick 1
Blues Lick 2
Blues Lick 3 & 4
Blues Lick 5
Blues Lick 6
Putting it all together

Jazz 101 is what I feel is going to solve my problem of being ignorant of the art. My background in Gospel is only going to propel me further in this task and my intrigue with the licks, runs, scats, blues will keep my attention long enough to reach full potential!

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Jazz 101 Learn to Play Jazz Piano, Seekyt
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