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Jennifer Rozines Roy is a former teacher and a published author of children’s books and young adult books (for children aged 5–16). Jennifer Roy holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, from the College of Saint Rose, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the State University of New York, Albany. She has written about 40 educational books for children that can be found every library and used for research and non-fiction reading. This award-winning author is also noted in World Almanac 2008. Today, she lives in New York with her husband and extraordinary son.

Her first novel Yellow Star, written in free verse, won a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Award in 2006. This historic-fiction novel is based on a true story – the survival of her aunt in the Lodz Ghetto in Poland, during World War II. Other awards include the Sydney Taylor Honor Award, the William Allen White Children’s Book Award (2009), a New York Public L Book, an ALA Notable Book, and National Jewish Book Honor Award. Roy also received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, VOYA and Booklist.

Jennifer Roy’s bestselling books include:

  • Mindblind, realistic fiction for young adults about a profoundly gifted boy with Asperger Syndrome (2010, received the YALSA award). The author’s son is extremely gifted with mild Asperger.
  • Trading Faces, co-authored with her twin sister, Julia DeVillers. The series involves four books: Trading Faces, Take Two, Times Squared, and Double Feature (Jennifer Roy writes the character Emma, while her sister writes Payton).
  • Graphing in the Desert
  • Subtraction at School
  • Sorting at the Ocean
  • Patterns in Nature
  • Multiplication on the Farm, etc.

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One of the bestselling orders according to Amazon SalesRank is the book Depression written for children at the age of 9-12. This book is part of Jennifer Roy’s ‘Health Alert’ series.

The Contents of Depression

Chapter 1 – What is Depression Like?

Jennifer Roy explains how depression feels like based on the stories of a thirteen-year-old Tamyra, sometimes called “Miss Moody” by her friends, and an 11-year old Josh whose dad suffered from bipolar disorder. A glimpse into the lives of these children makes it easier for young readers to understand how depression actually feels like.

Chapter 2 – What is depression?

The author explains what depression is, who it may affect and how, what causes it, including an introduction to brain chemicals, heredity of depression, and stress factors.

Chapter 3 – The History of Depression

Jennifer Roy explains how depression was seen and treated throughout history.

Chapter 4 – Living With Depression

Among other things, this section explains treatments and complications associated with this condition. Readers can learn what to do to help people suffering from depression, and to recognize various warning signs.

Glossary of terms related to depression may help understand different types of this disease better.

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Depression quote from the book:

‘Someone who suffers from depression may feel sad, angry, irritable, tired, confused, guilty, or worthless. A person who is depressed may lose interest in almost everything he or she used to enjoy.’

You will find depression quotes by Jennifer Roy and other authors in this quote collection.

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Jennifer Roy offers free downloads covering Yellow Star Guides for Teachers and Book Groups on her official website.

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