Jeremy Lin Shirts

Jeremy Lin shirts and merchandise are some of the most demanded commodities this year out of all the NBA players. Jeremy Lin has become a sensation for not just basketball fans, but for the entire Asian community as well. When was the last time, the Asian community had a positive male role model? The only name that comes to mind is Bruce Lee. The torch has now been passed to Jeremy Lin, the 23-year-old Harvard graduate who seemingly came out of nowhere to dominate the game, scoring well over 20 points in his first four games. He has rejuvenated the Knick’s franchise, and what used to be a quiet Madison Square Garden, has now come alive, with thousands of fans chanting his name in the arena. Linsanity is real and it is here to stay folks. Whether you’re a die-hard Knick’s fan or new fan captivated by the Yellow Mamba, buy a shirt or jersey to help support Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin’s success story has become so famous because he was the underdog for many years, overlooked by many schools because they thought that they could do better. Even though he took his Palo Alto High School to a 32-1 record and a spectacular win in the 2006 California Division II championship game, he was barely pursued by college recruiters. No one really cared how well he moved on court, or how well he passed the ball to his teammates. To them, he was just a skinny Asian kid who really had no potential but to be on the sidelines. It never even crossed their mind that he could be one of the greats, the next Kobe Bryan or Lebron James.

Where can I buy a Jeremy Lin Jersey?

There are many places you can purchase Jeremy Lin’s No. 17 Knicks Jersey. Modell’s Sporting Goods Inc. on 34th street and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan has been stocking up on his jersey and also have many other Jeremy Lin merchandise. Since February 4th 2012, Jeremy Lin’s jersey is the top seller in the NBA. If you want to purchase a Lin’s jersey online, you can visit Jeremy Lin jerseys cost 54 dollars a pop, while T-shirts cost anywhere from $19.95 to just below 25 dollars.

You can also purchase “Linsanity” t-shirts at for around 20 dollars. Amazon also sells “All I Do is Lin Lin Lin” shirts for a measly 15 dollars. If you are looking for Jeremy Lin’s Harvard Jersey, you might have a tougher time. You can try checking out the official Harvard basketball team website or try your local sports store. Help support Jeremy Lin’s rise to the top by buying a shirt!