Jerry Hicks Cancer Update: November 24, 2011

October 31, 2011 Update on Jerry Hicks Cancer

Esther Hicks finally broke the silence on October 31st, 2011, with an update on Jerry Hicks’ illness with, after five months of evasion, an admission that his illness was cancer.

Well, not exactly… Here’s the actual tortured statement:

‘Since we shared in our May 25th blog entry that an exaggerated white blood cell count discovered after a *spider bite prompted Jerry to begin a course of chemotherapy, most of you instantly understood that this meant cancer. In fact, the official diagnosis given was a treatable form of leukemia.’

How would most of us have done that, Esther, exactly?

*Note: Esther couldn’t keep the cover story straight. In his May announcement, Jerry Hicks blamed a ‘fire ant bite.’ For their purposes, one bite was as good as another.

Artfully using the word ‘prompted,’ they again suggest that the bite of all time led him to opt for ‘heavy chemotherapy.’ Forget the sloppy sentence structure forced by this misleading construction, but then, they almost deny cancer by calling it ‘a treatable form of leukemia,’ assuming the ever gullible faithful will take it that leukemia is something other than cancer of the blood.

Nice try, but probably enough to keep the hard core faithful happy.

This approach is consistent with what was exposed in Jerry Hicks Cancer and The Big Lie, which demonstrated how they’d mislead followers from the start about Jerry Hicks illness and his rejection of Abraham’s (Esther’s) teachings in favor of traditional medicine.

Note: Esther Hicks has notified followers by way of an email blast as well as a blog post that Jerry Hicks died on November 18. She spent some of that five days constructing a narcissistic marketing message in attempting to relaunch her workshop series. No word on how she’ll do that, now that the real Abraham is dead, but there are indications she may claim to be chanelling both. The future is rich with possiblities.

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Rejecting ‘The Teachings of Abraham’ In Treating Jerry Hicks’ Illness

‘Jerry decided to downplay the diagnosis, but still give his full attention to this physical manifestation of previously unrecognized resistance – via a dual approach of cleaning up his vibration on certain subjects, while also availing himself of what modern medicine has to offer, just as Abraham has always advised.’

But what did Abraham (Esther) really say?

‘And so, here we’re going to make a very bold statement: any disease could be healed in a matter of days, any disease, if distraction for it could occur and a different vibration dominate–and the healing time is about much mix-up there is in that.’

Esther, posing as the all-knowing Abraham, also said that ‘they’ could cure anyone of any disease in ‘less than an afternoon.’

So, given the clarity of these ‘teachings,’ why did Jerry Hicks spend months ‘cleaning up his vibration on certain subjects’ after sleeping beside Abraham and having one-to-one conversations with them for twenty-five years?

Back To Business and Not Letting Jerry Hicks’ Illness Interfere

Some things are consistent. Sunrise. Sunset. Politicians lying. Abraham-Hicks’ addiction to marketing.

After a run-on paragraph, so gabby and incoherent it must’ve been composed by Esther, they ask followers…

‘…please do not be distressed, since no matter what the apparent evidence is of any situation, really and truly ‘All Is Well’.

Then, the email blast gets down to it’s original business: selling products.

Only a paragraph break separates the last quote from:

‘Meanwhile, our wonderful staff has continued working on several exciting initiatives concerning new ways to share Abraham’s Teachings, including – we are happy to announce – the release of two new DVD products.’

They proceed to fill up twice as much space with product pitches than they did with the loopy evasions about Jerry Hicks illness and treatment.

What’s Next?

In Does Jerry Hicks Illness Mean The Death Of Abraham Hicks?, I made some guesses about where they were going. Away was not one of the possibilities.

You are not going to see Esther Hicks on stage anywhere near as often as in the past and since, as most realize, Esther is not the sharpest tool in the AHP shed, she is less likely to open herself up to more of the goofs she has made since Jerry Hicks’ illness reduced his role. She’ll pop up, now and then, but in controlled circumstances.

Since Jerry Hicks resort to ‘heavy chemotherapy’ for ‘treatable leukemia’ failed and, according to a longtime friend, he went to try other alternative therapies, the full story of his illness will never be told.