Jerry Hicks Illness Update: What They're Saying About His Cancer and What They Won't Tell You

Five days after this was published, Esther Hicks announced that Jerry Hicks died. It was November 18, 2011. Inadvertently, their reasons for ignoring the ‘teachings of Abraham’ were exposed. The enterprise could never have withstood the public failure, and of course, they will never explain it otherwise or, really, at all.

Jerry Hicks Illness Update: What They’re Saying About His Cancer and What They Won’t Tell You

The situation we see Jerry Hicks in is a sad one. The man who pioneered spiritual marking like no other has cancer. Leukemia was confirmed by a close family friend.

But it’s as if the entire Abraham-Hicks operation, where Jerry Hicks was CEO and founder along with his wife Esther, has descended into a time warp in which cancer is a dirty or condemned word that can never be spoken.

For a man who has spent most of his life in the limelight, being shunted aside and nearly discarded, it must feel a little weird.

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A new extra: Reconsidering Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Note: On November 23, Esther Hicks notified followers, by way of an email blast and a blog post, that Jerry Hicks died five days earlier. None of the outstanding questions, including the latest (why did she wait five days to wrap the announcement in a marketing message?) were answered, of course.

Before the unsettling information gathered in the last several days, it seemed that the worst thing Esther and Jerry Hicks were doing was being evasive. The story first went public in April when a weekend workshop was abruptly canceled. The Abraham-Hicks marketing operation swung into gear and blamed this rare event on a ‘spider bite’ that Jerry suffered a month earlier.

On May 25th, under the guise of selling access to an upcoming workshop, Abraham Hicks suddenly changed tactics and announced that Jerry Hicks was being treated for cancer. Well, not quite.

Sorting out the carefully managed releases from Abraham Hicks is always tricky since they can’t do anything without a marking twist. In this one, starting out with ‘Hey Guys, This is Jerry,’ they had him ramble around the spider bite story again before getting around to revealing a biopsy that showed an ‘extremely exaggerated’ white blood cell count, frequently a marker for cancer.

The doctor recommended options included the ‘big guns,’ acknowledged in parenthesis as ‘heavy chemotherapy,’ another indicator of cancer, and although he told readers that he was already being treated with chemo, Jerry Hicks never once mentioned cancer.

Based on the Esther Hicks rendering of what they call the Teachings of Abraham, Jerry Hicks should not have cancer, and if he did, based on some fluke, Abraham should easily ease him out of it. Details about the teachings on this are in the links below, but for the simplest reference to what Abraham once announced as Esther’s plan (consistent with the teachings going back twenty-five years):

‘…Happy, healthy, happy, healthy, happy, healthy, happy, healthy, dead!’ This was preceded by the major statement about aging and the ill-health associated with it: ‘You don’t have to decline.’

Jerry Hicks cancer challenges that teaching, along with others about spontaneous healing, which left them in a sort of hole they needed to find a way out of.

At first, following a flood of skepticism and an Abe Forum embargo even on a discussion or wishes for well-being and recovery, Esther Hicks got involved in disappearing her ailing spouse. Apart from marking and sales related references, he virtually disappeared after having being omnipresent in everything Abraham-Hicks for decades.

Esther Hicks even set off on an Alaskan cruise with followers, solo for the first time. Even then, Jerry Hicks was barely mentioned, let alone the subject of cancer.

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Which brings us to the present and serious issues being masked…

Signals of Concern About Jerry Hicks Illness

On July 7th, another marketing message, claimed to be co-written by Jerry and Esther, they used some elusive references to the ‘next phase of our rebalancing act’ to steer readers into more ticket sales. While these alleged bulletins on Jerry Hicks health being used to shill for sales can be shocking at first, they are not unusual for the marketing-obsessed Abraham-Hicks operation.

To ferret out the story, it’s necessary to go back and search for hidden details and nuances. Here is what was written:

‘We’re going to fly to Del Mar on Monday for the next phase of our rebalancing act in getting Jerry back on his feet and feeling frisky. Every day we’re experiencing the relief that we can only receive from Abraham as they remind us about the power of the Vortex. We are enjoying the comfort when we are able to ignore the temporary what-is. Abraham recorded a wonderful segment for Jerry last night guiding him toward complete comfort and ease, and that is exactly what he is focusing on now.’

I may have read more into it than is there, but what choice is there with so much evasion and half-truth? What I read into this was something like hospice care.

That intuition I kept to myself until discovering that, without announcing anything on their website, Abraham-Hicks abruptly canceled a Hawaiian cruise, sticking people with deposits made to the cruise line without apology. What made this most striking is that the cruise canceled was over six months into the future.

Clearly, something unusual was afoot, and it’s not short term. In the absence of any thorough and honest public information, the conclusions are obvious.

It was hard, given what little information we have, to escape conclusion that Jerry Hicks’ cancer had not been controlled by chemotherapy or the cures that Esther Hicks, in the guise of Abraham, had ready to create instantaneous healing.

The prospect of continuing the operations without the genius behind them stalled what seemed an unstoppable momentum.

A Final Note On Jerry Hicks Illness

It’s impossible to think of anyone else, except possibly his wife Esther, who has done more to promote the idea of positive well-being through positive thinking than Jerry Hicks. Testaments to the betterment of peoples’ lives from following the teachings are everywhere and powerful. Forget the skeptics (me being one of them) for now and acknowledge that this man deserves better than being the throttle for the next marketing message.

For all his faults, Jerry Hicks has been better than that. A cancer which shows that what Esther Hicks has been preaching for decades is not quite right shouldn’t be an eraser for his legacy.

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