Jerusalemhand’ Launches Website

Summary: Jerusalemhand a well-known non-profit organisation helping victims and survivors of natural disasters. The website contains all the information about the organization and its services.

January 1, 2014: ‘Jerusalemhand’ announced the launch of its website in a small press meet here today. The non-profit organization helps the victims of natural disaster in leading a normal life. The website would provide details about the relief work carried out by the organization at different places and countries in the world and connect with those willing to lend a helping hand. Those interested in making any kind of donations for the cause would also be able to get the details on the website. The site also has an online store offering a range of products at affordable prices. The company does not keep any profit on the products and pass them on to those in need at the cost price.

Viewers would able to able to go through the newsworthy and remarkable information related to natural disasters and relief work. The site would also allow the viewers to read real and emotional life stories of the victims.

The website is helping victims by spreading their heart whelming stories all over the world so that those interested in helping would come forward. The site is also allowing people to become volunteers of its organization. It contains all the useful information about the different disasters that took places across the globe in the recent past.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson of the organization said, “Yes we have launched our website just to help natural disaster victims in every possible manner. We are providing useful information on the site that would assist readers in knowing the critical situation that victims face during the difficult time. We have launched this website with the vision to assist victims by attracting the attention of those who are interested in helping. All the funds that we collect from the different services of website and our organization would be user to provide the basic things those victims require for a better life.”

The site contains several useful articles, blogs and many more for inspiring reads towards helping victims of natural disasters. The site also has an emergency section where it discusses all the safety measures that people should take to face a natural disaster.

About ‘Jerusalemhand’

JerusalemHand is an International organization that provides its support and help to the victims of natural disasters and calamities across the world. The organization works for the victims, and does all it can to re-establish and rehabilitate.

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Baruch Leveev
Contact Number: +972-54-3046304
Website: jerusalemhand .com
Address: Israel, Bet-Shemesh