Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

Any woman, not just Jessica, can be glamorous with Jessica Simpson hair extensions! These hair extensions are the kings and queens of hair pieces available to any working girl, and if you haven’t heard of them, here you’ll find all you need to know about these products. Not all women are satisfied with their hair quality or style, but there is a great solution for bad hair days even if you can’t afford expensive hair extensions. Hair pieces come in two variants: human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

Clip-in bangs, clip-in hair extensions, wrap around pony hair pieces, volumizers – wavy, straight, curled, and in different sizes – these hair pieces have become affordable thanks to the HairDo hair collection designed by Ken Paves and promoted by Jessica Simpson, a famous American singer, actress and fashion designer. Synthetic or a 100% fine human hair extensions, Jessica Simpson hair extensions can transform your short hair or thin long hair into luxurious below the shoulder length hair as seen on Jessica herself! You can adjust the size to your own needs, cut it, curl or blow out with hair tools, or color-style the pieces any way you want – even without going to a salon!

You can find Jessica Simpson hair extensions online including the world’s most trusted online store, Picking the right color may be tricky, but fortunately, hundreds of women have bought these products and shared their valuable reviews. These short product reviews can get you started in choosing the perfect hair piece that can make you look even better!

Jessica Simpson Hair Extension – Types

15 Inch Clip-In Extension Jessica Simpson
15′ Clip In Extension, Wavy

Like most of the hair extensions in this Hairdo collection, this clip-in wavy extension is available in 16 multi-tonal shades. The extension feels secure, even in windy conditions. It’s synthetic, but great quality – it blends perfectly with natural hair. Price: $13.99 – $22.99.

16 Inch Fine Line Synthetic Extensions1616 Inch Fine Line Synthetic Extensions

If you have thin, medium length hair which lack of volume, this hair piece is a savior! It’s a one piece volumizing extension (base dimension is 10′ x 3′), lightweight and heat-friendly. The application is undetectable, it doesn’t cause damage to your own hair, fits comfortably in place and holds securely. Price: $48.50 – $ 84.15.

17 Inch Curled Human Hair Extension17 Inch Curled Human Hair Extensions

It’s a curly hair do-it-yourself extension system which can be worn alone or with another Hairdo hair piece. The price varies between $40 and $149, depending on the color.

Layered, straight hair extensions, 19

19′ Clip-In Extension, Layered, Straight

The 19 inch straight layered clip-in extension transforms short hair to luxurious, thick and full, below the shoulder length hair. It’s easy to attach and in a matter of minutes you get a new look you’ve longed for without costly salon visits! Price: $32.50 – $73.80.

Soft Waves Hair Extensions by Jessica Simpson20 Inch Styleable Soft Waves Hair Extensions

This synthetic hair extension is a one piece clip in hair extensions system. It can be treated with hair tools because it’s heat-friendly. You can extend the length approx. 10 inches from the nape (the product from top to bottom measures approx. 20 inches). This DIY extension system is perfect if you want to create beautiful medium length waves at home instantly. The price varies between $59 and $84.

2121′ Bump Up The Volume Hair Extensions

This 21-inch clip-in hairpiece, made of newest Tru2Life heat-friendly fiber, has a half-circle base with five moldable wires and four pressure-sensitive clips to help create a lift and add volume. The application is easy: separate your own hair, clip in the extensions and then adjust the height of the hairpiece. Colors are made from a blend of seven to twelve shades. Price: cca. $59.

Straight Clip-in hair extensions by Jessica Simpson
22 Inch Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions by Jessica Simpson

This one multi-level hair extension made of Vibralite modacrylinc fibers (synthetic) allows you to extend short or medium-length hair to 22′ length. It’s easy to use, lightweight and affordable. The price varies between $34 – $95, depending on the color.

Relaxed curl Jessica Simpson hair extensions
22 Inch Clip-In Extension, Relaxed Curl

This hair piece is made of real human hair, very fashionable. It can also be found as 21′ long human hair and in four synthetic versions: long and mid-lengths in straight or softly waved textures. Price: $47 – $98.88.

23 Inch Clip-In Wavy Extension

This hair piece is made of the finest quality synthetic fiber – length variations same as above (22′ relaxed curl). A do-it-yourself piece, very easy to attach without having to work with several individual wefts. Prices: $45.97 – $95.

25′ Layered Straight Hair Extensions

This hair piece can help you transform short or mid-length hair to luxurious below-the-shoulder length hair. Made of great-quality synthetic fiber and available in sixteen multi-tonal shades, this product is created to blend with just about anyone’s hair color. Price: $18.50 – $57.

10 piece Jessica Simpson human hair extensions
10 Piece Human Hair Extensions

These wavy 10 piece human hair extensions are clipped-in individually to add color highlights, lowlights, texture, volume or length to your own hair, but they can also be worn with your other clip-in extensions. These hair pieces can be cut, colored, permed just like real hair. Price: $103.90 – $250.75

Hair Extensions Jessica Simpson PonyJessica Simpson Hair Pony StraightWrap Around Pony Synthetic Hairpiece

18′ long wrap-around pony hairpiece made of Tru2Life Heat Friendly fiber. It looks and feels like your own natural hair! Very trendy and at affordable prices: $22 – $30.93. Another variation is the straight bump up pony mid-length hair piece available for $5.20 – $14.58.

Clip On Bangs Jessica Simpson
Ken Paves Clip-On Bang Hair Extension 1 piece

Jessica Simpson bangs are the most trendy hair pieces out there! Made of synthetic, heat-friendly fibers, these clip-on bangs can transform your look instantly. Price: cca. $14.03.

It’s unbelievable what Jessica Simpson hair extensions can do for you! These hair pieces can change the way you look instantly and give you a glamorous note on a bad hair day. And, what’s most important, they are affordable. For more information on fiber quality in synthetic hair pieces, colors and other tips, check out the article about clip-on bans (the Jessica Simpson bangs link above :))