Jewelry and Gemstones

Jewelry and gemstones are very precious to many people. They make some of the most beautiful and heart touching gift ideas to give to just about anyone when you want them to know just how much you really do care about them.

imageOval Red Garnet, Multi-stone, Prong Set Ring in 14K Rose Gold


Some people give them to boyfriends or girlfriends, others give them to their mom or dad and many choose to exchange jewelry on special occasions such as being newly married. The best thing about jewelry and gemstones is that they come in some of the most amazing designs and styles that are suitable for men and women.

imageOval Green Tourmaline, Multi-stone, Prong Set Ring in 14K White Gold


A few years back, I was asked as an outsource resource to write some jewelry and gemstone articles for a client, unfortunately that client did not pay my contact and in turn she was not able to pay me. So, I decided to direct a bit of traffic towards my writing work. However, I also let my readers know that the articles they were reading on that site were mine and they were never paid for and I did not recommend anyone to buy anything from that site that displayed all my hard work without paying me for it.

imageRound Black Diamond, Three-stone, Prong Set Ring in 14K White Gold


About two months later the sight was gone offline. I checked to see if my work was displaying anywhere else online and found nothing. So, I took my original work and revised it just a bit and submitted them to another site that unfortunately seems to have become a big disappointment. So, again, I removed my hard work and now, if you would like to see where all my jewelry and gemstone articles went you can visit me on my Jewelry and Gemstone blog.