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Job Hunting – The Federal Government Has Hundreds of Openings

If you’re job hunting, the federal government has hundreds of openings. New jobs are constantly being added and created in the United States federal government. These positions are available for a variety of reasons. Retirements, new agency creation, expansion, and many other reasons create new jobs in various disciplines in the United States and abroad. As the Baby Boomer generation retires over a 10 -20 year period, they will leave a huge void in federal agencies that are opportunities for job seekers to find jobs from the hundreds of jobs left vacant by these retirements. If you’re job hunting, the federal government has hundreds of openings that you can apply for today.

If you’re job hunting, the federal government has hundreds of agencies across the United States with job openings that require different levels of education starting with a high school diploma. Obviously the more education you have the more opportunities available to you. Different agencies have different needs and your ability to match those needs is paramount. Meeting the requirements of a job description is the first part of the hiring process for the federal government. You can find available positions and their requirements on the federal governments official website. You can read more about that below.

When job hunting in the federal government, your education and previous career will be weighed against other applicants but your background doesn’t matter so much as your skillset and your ability to learn and apply new things. Especially technology. Technology is being used increasingly in various disciplines for a multitude of tasks. Having above average computer skills is a plus in any industry. Some of the open positions in federal agencies require special on-the-job training. This is where your ability to learn new policies and procedures can be an asset to you. Many people have started exciting new careers after being trained in a new job in the federal government.

Just by knowing where to look when you’re job hunting, you can find national and/or international jobs in the federal government. There are permanent and temporary contracts waiting to be filled by qualified applicants. Federal agencies are contracting more and more of its work to civilian employees in the United States and abroad. Applicants can find long-term, tax-free assignments in foreign countries in some agencies. Some of the work that’s contracted abroad can be dangerous at times so each opportunity has to be weighed on its merits.

If you’re job hunting and a veteran of the United States military, you can get a Veterans Preference status if you get hired for federal work. Veterans Preference enhances your benefits package based on your military service. Your military training and service serves as testimony to your training and ability. It tells employers that you have received special training to work in an organization as part of a team and individually to help complete its mission.

USAJOBS is the official government website for federal employment. It has a search engine to help you search for jobs by keywords and/or location. To search for a federal government job online, go to http://www.usajobs.gov and enter keywords or a location to see a listing of the available federal jobs based on your criteria. Click on a job to see qualifications and a job description. If you find a job that you’re interested in, just fill out the online application and submit it. If you’re job hunting, the federal government has hundreds of openings waiting to be filled.

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