News Job in a Modeling House in Kolkata

Job in a Modeling House in Kolkata


The fashion and the glamour industry have always attracted the youngsters and they want to get into this ever booming industry. But they often do not know how to enter into this sparking arena to build a bright future and set a career. So the best possible way out for them is to get modeling assignments by approaching the appropriate agencies. However, like the other fields, the arena of modeling also poses several challenges especially for the newcomers. It is an exciting profession where you have venerable scope of also entering into the film industry. But you need to be very careful as well as you also might land your foot on the wrong step. There are usually three kinds of modeling which you might find your interest in.

Modeling for Television Commercials

This is by far the largest sector of the modeling industry. The models offering their services in this sector have to promote products and services though advertisements. The ads can be shown as TV commercials or in the FM radio channels,, print media, and the internet. They appear in the ad or on the product packaging, magazines, newspapers and billboards or electronic hoardings. They have to promote all kinds of different products ranging from automobile to designer outfits, grocery products, toiletries, medicines, shoes, cosmetics and other items. Often the big brand companies hire celebrities such as film stars, cricketers to endorse their products in the market. They are of the opinion that the common people and their target audience will be able to connect well with these celebrities.

However, the brands who cannot pay the high demanding fee of the celebrities contact the Modeling House in Kolkata to supply them with the models for doing the ads. For example if it is an advertisement of a detergent powder the companies will target the middle class ladies and so the model has to dress herself as a common housewife.

Promotional Modeling

Promotional Modeling is basically done at the large events such as product launch, auto expo exhibition, trade fairs, conventions and others. There is a difference between commercial modeling and promotional modeling. In the promotional modeling the model demonstrates and promotes the product live to the audience and he or she is present in person at the venue. On the other hand, the consumer can only view the ad on the Television or only listen to her voice on the radio. Promotional modeling is not as glamorous as commercial modeling but has a good income prospect. It is not a bad idea to start your career with it. Moreover, the modeling assignments can be attained much more easily. It is also often referred to as Buzz Marketing or Event Marketing.

Modeling for Fashion Shows

The models involved with the fashion industry promote outfits for renowned costume designers when they launch their new collections at the fashion shows. The models are required to walk on the ramp and showcase the outfit to the audiences by wearing it. It can be any collection such as wedding, summer or winter. They also appear on the television as the program is mostly broadcasted live.

Job in a Modeling House in Kolkata
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